The Wildest Rumors About Kate Middleton’s Health Issues

Recently, the Royal Family experienced a double whammy of tragic news. First, Kate Middleton was hospitalized for some type of planned abdominal surgery. Then, King Charles was in the hospital at the same time, prompting many to wonder what was going on with these royals.

Soon, King Charles eliminated (or more accurately narrowed down) rumors about his own health by telling the world that he had been diagnosed with cancer. Kate, meanwhile, has not discussed any more about her own health, and this has led to constant speculation about what health issues the future Queen may be hiding.

What are the craziest rumors about what Kate Middleton was hospitalized for, and how likely are they to be true? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Depressing rumors of an eating disorder

Part of what has increased speculation about Kate’s health scare and current condition is the fact that she was in the hospital for a whopping 14 days. As royal biographer Angela Levin recently told GB News, “It’s very unusual to stay in hospital for 14 days if at home you have the comfort you could have.

As you might expect, Levin has a theory, and it’s an ugly one: that Kate Middleton is suffering from some kind of eating disorder. Levin didn’t put a name on any particular disorders or anything much in the way of evidence, instead settling for ominous hinting that there is something sinister behind the fact that Kate is “very, very thin.” 

Chances are that Levin is just going for the cheap shock value of claiming a famous woman has an eating disorder. However, we can’t deny the logic of her claim that Kate likely experienced something serious due to the fact she spent two full weeks in the hospital.

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Did the future Queen get plastic surgery?

Another ugly rumor that typically follows any famous woman getting mysteriously hospitalized is that she has secretly scheduled herself to have some kind of plastic surgery. Now, some big names have started applying that theory to Kate Middleton’s hospital stay, and they think the smoking gun is hiding in plain sight.

For example, plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Neinstein told InTouch that he is confident Kate secretly had a tummy tuck. According to him, the idea that she went into the hospital for abdominal surgery is a convenient cover: after all, recovery from such surgery would only take a few days instead of two full weeks. It’s always possible that Kate had some unexpected surgical complications, but absent that, the idea that she had simple abdominal surgery seems less and less likely.

Rumors of a coma

Speaking of Kate Middleton’s potential surgical complications, even those complications have led to some scary theories about her overall health. Spanish writer Concha Calleja claimed to have some inside insight into what actually went down. According to her, Middleton really did receive abdominal surgery but the complications sent her into a medically-induced coma!

The Royal Family wasted no time denying her report to The Times, but Calleja claims that the surgeons didn’t think anything would go wrong and when that the complications arose so quickly and so unexpectedly that they had to take sudden and drastic action by intubating Kate and putting her into a coma. Calleja has fired back at the royals’ denials over her claims, but we honestly find this entire story of hers too fantastic to ever take very seriously.

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Persistent hysterectomy rumors

Obviously, almost everything having to do with Kate Middleton’s recent health scare is based on speculation that may or may not be true. But if we had to pick a single rumor that seemed to captivate the internet from the moment she was hospitalized, it would be the rumor that she had to suddenly get a hysterectomy.

There are many reasons why a woman might need to have her uterus removed. This includes the presence of abnormal bleeding, fibroids, or even cancer. According to the rumor mill, this would explain Kate’s lengthy hospital stay as her doctors would insist on running plenty of tests and ensuring that the hysterectomy removed the underlying health problem.

Why is Kate Middleton being so cagey about her health?

Because of all this speculation about her health, many people have been wondering why Kate Middleton hasn’t simply been more upfront about what’s going on. In short, why doesn’t she just say what the issue is and end all the speculation for good?

The honest answer is that Kate is in a position where she can’t win either way. Women (even royals) are always relentlessly hounded by the media, and showing weakness by admitting to what she’s really dealing with would invite a torrent of awful and abusive headlines. Instead, she has opted to stay silent, effectively electing to let rumors run rampant than give the press anything firm to latch onto.

Now that King Charles has disclosed his own cancer diagnosis, however, curious parties can only hope that Kate spills the tea about her recent hospitalization and health scare.

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