Was Kate Middleton the Real Reason Meghan Didn’t Go to Balmoral?

When Queen Elizabeth died, the entire world mourned. And for good reason: the Queen was the reigning monarch for an unprecedented 70 years, which brought her into regular contact with the leaders and people of nations all around the world. Accordingly, once the Royal Family learned the Queen was dying, they gathered together at her estate in Balmoral for one final chance to say goodbye.

Prince Harry made the trip, as did most of the Royal Family. However, Meghan Markle was notably absent from the visit, and this caused some major speculation as to why she skipped out. Now, an increasing number of royal experts think she did so to avoid Kate Middleton.

Why would Meghan be avoiding Kate? And what caused all the bad blood leading to that fateful day that the Queen died in Balmoral? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Meghan’s notable absence

These days, it’s usually not that surprising when Meghan doesn’t make it to various royal events. Since the events of “Megxit,” she and Harry have lived in America. And for most royal events to which both of them are invited, Prince Harry normally attends and Meghan stays back home to take care of their two young children.

However, that wasn’t the case when the Royal Family was being summoned to Balmoral to visit the Queen before she died. On that day, she and Harry were already in London, and it would have been easy for her to hop a plane and fly into Scotland to see the Queen as Harry did. Ultimately, Meghan seems to have changed her mind and stayed in London even though seeing the Queen one last time would have been really easy for her.

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Harry arrived tragically late

As we noted, Meghan ended up skipping out on that trip to Balmoral altogether. Harry, however, made the trip, and he was fervently hoping to share at least one more moment with Queen Elizabeth. Unfortunately, Harry would be denied this final opportunity to see his grandmother before she died.

He wrote about this sobering incident in his memoir Spare. As Esquire reports, Harry wrote that he learned about the Queen’s death not from a family member but from the BBC. “I checked the BBC webpage. My grandmother had died. My father was the King,” he wrote. “I put on a black tie, stepped off the plane into heavy drizzle.”

Meghan’s emotional support would have been very important at this time. Unfortunately, Harry had to face this emotional blow without his wife by his side.

Last-minute schedule changes (and endless public speculation)

The primary reason everyone is still speculating about the real reason that Meghan didn’t go to see the Queen at Balmoral is that she was originally scheduled to do just that. On 2:00 pm on the day Elizabeth died a spokesperson for Harry and Meghan confirmed that both would be heading to Balmoral.

What happened, then? As Cambridgeshire reports, royal biographer Omid Scoobie speculated that it had to do with the fact that at 3:12 pm, a picture of Kate Middleton picking up her kids hit the internet and this may have been enough for Meghan to have “changed her mind.”

We can only speculate as to Meghan’s true thoughts and motives here. But we can definitely believe that she figured that as long as Kate (who is notably the future Queen of England) was skipping the trip to Balmoral, it would be fine for her to do so as well.

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Meghan and Kate’s early bad blood

If Meghan really was just copying Kate’s own actions, there is a chance she was simply using the future Queen’s actions to discover whether it would even be appropriate to go to Balmoral or not. Nonetheless, the idea that Meghan might have made such a big decision based on some light social media stalking ended up reigniting debates over the alleged bad blood between the two women

Such bad blood may have been there since before Meghan’s marriage to Harry. As Newsweek reports, one of the big stories leading into that wedding was that Meghan had somehow made Kate Middleton break down in tears while trying on a dress. Later, during Meghan’s infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey, she claimed it was the other way around and that Kate actually made her cry.

We may never know the truth. But as near as anyone can tell, the alleged bad blood is still very much present with these two.

A tale of two feuding couples

In the case of Kate Middleton’s feelings toward Meghan Markle, it’s possible she is more than a little bit biased. And that’s because Kate potentially having a major beef with Meghan is a perfect mirror of her husband William’s pre-existing beef with Harry.

William and Harry’s beef also goes back to before Harry wed Meghan. As reported by Harper’s Bazaar, William warned Harry against rushing into a relationship with Meghan, something that allegedly angered the young man. That kicked off a strained relationship that has grown downright estranged after Harry stepped back from the Royal Family, left the UK, and began personally profiting from gossiping about his famous family on Netflix and in his memoir.

With that kind of background between the two brothers, we wouldn’t be surprised if William’s angry feelings towards Harry have led to Kate having angry feelings towards Harry’s wife!

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