The Most Embarrassing Kate Middleton Moments Captured on Camera

We look to the Royal Family for examples of poise and grace. For the most part, the royals provide great examples of how to handle the unexpected (and downright unwanted) surprises in our lives.

But at the end of the day, the royals are humans just like us. And even popular royals like Kate Middleton regularly have very embarrassing moments.

Being famous means that cameras are often following the Duchess of Cambridge’s every moment. So, her own most awkward moments are constantly being recorded for posterity. Here are the times Kate acted downright embarrassing on camera!

Having a nice “trip”

Maybe royals are just as clumsy as the rest of us? In November 2019, when Kate Middleton and Prince William were exiting the Troubadour White City Theater in London, Kate tripped as she got close to the car.

It was an embarrassing moment for Kate, but it also gave Prince William a chance to shine. The millisecond Kate tripped, William was there to help keep her steady!

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Kate gets a little too into sports

It’s an open secret that nobody in England can do that “stiff upper lip” thing at all times, including the Royal Family. Everyone needs a time and place for letting their emotions run wild. And for Kate Middleton, it’s all about getting wild and crazy at sporting events.

This video captures her many hilarious expressions at the Wimbledon Men’s Final in 2019. Honestly, words can’t do these expressions justice. Just watch Kate emote more during this game than Queen Elizabeth has publicly emoted for the entirety of her reign!

Kate’s handshake malfunction

A major part of being a royal is traveling to different places and observing different cultural customs. And as Kate Middleton can now attest, it’s only so long before you end up getting some of these customs wrong.

In this clip, we see William and Kate greeting a Pakistani soldier. The soldier’s protocol is to salute and then shake hands. William knew this and Kate didn’t, so we end up with Kate trying to shake his hand and him still trying to salute. They resolve the matter quickly, but you can practically hear the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme playing in your head as Kate waits for his hand.

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A not-so-magical time

Embarrassment doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. For example, it’s a sure sign that you’re having fun when you don’t care how silly you look.

That was the case here when Kate and William were asked to duel with Harry Potter wands for a photoshoot. Between their poses and their sound effects, nobody can say that they don’t look pretty embarrassing. At the same time, the two are having so much fun that we’re downright jealous of their good time!

DJ Kate?

As children, we tend to think about what we’re going to do with “the rest of our lives.” And once we settle into careers as adults, we wonder about the different career paths we might have taken.

It seems if she didn’t become a royal, Kate Middleton might have been a DJ! In this video, we see her trying out her DJ skills in a DJ booth. She looks silly and acts a bit embarrassed. But we have to admit that she did better with her first try at scratching records than most of us would do.

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Heel stuck in grate

Royals sometimes develop a bit of an ego. After all, they’re surrounded by people who bow to them and try to curry favor. But Kate Middleton has always been a bit more down-to-earth. That’s probably because of moments like this!

This video captures moments from the time that Kate got her heel stuck in a grate at the Irish Guards Parade. She quickly got out with a bit of help from William, and we can only imagine she was humbled by the reminder that street grates don’t care about anybody’s fancy titles.

Avoiding her husband’s touch

For the most part, William and Kate present themselves as royals madly in love with each other. And that’s one of the reasons why this video raised so many people’s eyebrows.

The moment happened in 2019 during the BBC’s A Berry Royal Christmas. We see William reach out to touch her and Kate almost instantly shrugging him away. Chances are that she simply didn’t want to look too cozy (royals usually avoid public displays of affection), but it was a weird moment nonetheless. 

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An accidental royal roast

As we said before, royals get very accustomed to people bowing and scraping before them. Which is what made William and Kate’s discomfort at the 2020 British Academy of Film and Television Arts so intense.

It all started when Margot Robbie accepted an award on Brad Pitt’s behalf and decided to crack some jokes about Harry and Meghan leaving England. Later, Rebel Wilson cracked some jokes at the expense of Prince Andrew.

As these jokes happened, cameras caught footage of William and Kate looking embarrassed and offended. Amazingly enough, Fox News reports that the footage we saw was edited to make the couple look less embarrassed. Given their expressions in this video, we can only imagine how angry and annoyed they really were.

A frosty reunion with Harry and Meghan

For years, people have speculated about a growing distance between William and Harry as well as Kate and Meghan. Normally, though, the couples put on a happy face for the public. But that didn’t happen at the 2020 Commonwealth Day ceremony.

This happened to be the first public ceremony Harry and Meghan attended after they announced they would be stepping back from royal responsibilities and leaving England. And when Harry and Meghan sat down and tried to say hello to Kate and William, they were basically ignored.

Basically, even if you didn’t know anything about the alleged drama between these families, this clip in which she won’t even make eye contact shows exactly how Kate Middleton feels!

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