Shocking Photos of Royal Children Behaving Badly

What do you think about when you think about royalty? Most of us think about people who are very prim and proper. Basically, the inspiration for courtesy and etiquette around the world.

That may be the case for adult royals. Before they grew up, though, each royal was a rambunctious child. And they acted up in ways just as bad (worse, in many cases) than your own children do.

Don’t believe it? Well, we’ve got the proof! Keep reading to discover shocking photos of royal children behaving badly!

Prince William the prankster

Prince William must maintain a strong sense of duty and discipline these days. What else would we expect from the future King of England? When he was younger, though, William wasn’t above engaging in some unexpected shenanigans.

And this photo captures one of those moments. Here, we see an impish William stealing a moment to pinch his teacher on the butt! His classmates seem amused, but we doubt the teacher was.

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Prince Harry the mischief-maker

Many members of the Royal Family were dismayed when Harry broke ranks, stepped down from most royal responsibilities, and fled the country with Meghan Markle. However, Harry was able to shock and surprise his family from a very young age.

This photo alone is proof of that. While in Princess Diana’s arms on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, Harry starts making the craziest faces. And it looks like even Diana doesn’t know what to make of his crazy behavior!

Prince Louis makes a ‘royal’ scene

Back when they were children, Harry and William were both very good at acting up. These days, though, the crown for the most prominent royal prankster most definitely goes to Prince Louis.

While Louis has publicly acted up before (much to Kate Middleton’s chagrin), things really escalated at this year’s Trooping the Colour event. Paparazzi snapped seemingly endless photos of Louis screaming, covering his ears, sticking his tongue out, and generally making an ass of himself. Somehow, we think neither his parents nor the rest of his family will let him forget this moment anytime soon!

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Princess Charlotte gets cheeky

Compared to the antics of her brother Louis, Princess Charlotte is normally considered very well-behaved. However, even she isn’t afraid to engage in the occasional cheeky outburst.

The best example of this occurred during the King’s Cup regatta back in 2019. Things were calm and collected until she saw Michael Middleton, her grandfather. She couldn’t resist sticking her tongue out at him and seemingly blowing a royal raspberry!

Prince George fails his royal assignment

It’s been pretty easy for Prince George to keep a low profile, especially compared to his excitable brother Louis. Still, even George messes up in public from time to time and earns a royal dressing down from his parents.

This happened when George was supposed to be a pageboy for his aunt Pippa’s wedding. George wasted no time dumping his flowers, playing around behind Pippa’s dress, and generally acting up. Afterward, Kate gave him a stern talking, severe enough that it prompted the young prince to cry!

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Prince William disrupts his brother’s christening

These days, the bitterness, and rivalry between Prince William and Prince Harry is basically the world’s worst-kept secret. This is generally considered a shame because, before Meghan Markle came into the picture, they were so tight. However, there were early hints that William was going to be jealous of his brother.

For example, during Harry’s christening, William was expected to sit still and pose for traditional family photos. Instead, William hopped up and began giving an energetic performance for his family! Then, as now, the message was quite clear: everyone should pay attention to William rather than Harry.

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Princess Beatrice goes for the hat

These days, Princess Beatrice manages to walk a fine line between being a royal and living her own life. And this fine line has kept her from most of the negative associations that come from having Prince Andrew as her father.

In her childhood, though, Beatrice was just as crazy as the rest of the royal children. And this photo captures a glorious moment where Beatrice tries to steal her mother’s hat. The look of shock and even horror on Sarah Ferguson’s face shows just how surprised she was. Meanwhile, we can only speculate what young Prince William thought of all this while he watched.

Savannah Phillips takes matters into her own hands

Behaving badly or just enforcing good behavior? That was the question everyone had after these pictures of Savannah Phillips went viral.

Back in 2018, it was Prince George that acted up and made a fool of himself during the Trooping the Colour event. Savannah clearly tried to quiet the energetic prince down a number of times. When that didn’t work, she put a hand over his mouth to finally keep him from talking!

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