Prince George Has a Surprisingly Down-to-Earth View On Exams

How many things do you think you have in common with the Royal Family? For most of us, the honest answer is “very little.” When someone is born into a life of extreme wealth and privilege, it’s difficult to imagine them having much in common with us. It’s even more difficult to imagine them struggling with the same things that we struggle with.

However, most reading this already have more in common with the future King of England than they could ever have previously imagined. Kate Middleton recently disclosed how her oldest child, Prince George, felt about the exams he was taking, and his view is surprisingly down-to-earth. Just what did George have to say, and what does his educational future look like? Keep reading to discover the answers! 

William and Kate ensured George would have (relatively) normal schooling

It’s admittedly difficult to imagine Prince George having any school difficulties, much less the kind the average student could relate to. However, one reason that George is having a relatable time with his own studies is that his parents went out of their way to give him an average educational experience…or, at the very least, one that differed quite a bit from the kind his older relatives received.

Once upon a time, it was tradition for members of the Royal Family to simply be homeschooled by private tutors rather than attend any kind of formal schooling. King Charles broke with this tradition by attending fancy prep schools, and these schools were notable for enforcing strict discipline and protocol that Charles privately despised when growing up.

However, William and Kate wanted Prince George and the rest of their children to have a relatively normal schooling and childhood. Because of this philosophy, George previously attended Thomas’s London Day School, a place where the motto is “Be Kind.” Clearly, they hope fewer rules and more empathy will help George become a better monarch in the future.

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Kate Middleton uses George to relate to other young students

Part of giving George a normal life is keeping him out of the spotlight when possible. However, we got a fascinating glimpse into George’s life when The Sun’s editor Matt Wilkinson shared a video to TikTok. In this video, Kate Middleton was chatting to students at Fitzalan High School in Cardiff, Wales.

“George is just at the beginning of being tested,” Kate told the assembled students. “He says, ‘Mummy, I keep getting tested all the time.’ But when it gets to A-levels you feel like you’re on it.” Kate then added her own two cents, noting that afterward,  “it just gets harder.”

This commentary on exams and testing might baffle audiences outside the UK. In order to understand the significance of Kate’s commentary, you need to understand a bit more about how British testing actually works. 

British testing, explained

In America, students may take Advanced Placement tests. If the students do well on these tests, they may be able to later get college credit for those courses. And simply having passed the AP tests may help the students secure admission to more prestigious universities than they otherwise could have qualified for.

In England, the closest equivalent to AP testing is the A-level exams that Kate mentioned in the video. However, these tests are a bit more intensive because every U.K. student must take them before getting admitted into college in the first place. For George, one saving grace about this testing is that he shouldn’t have to take the A-levels until he is 16 years old. Since George is currently only 10 years old, he has a few years to get ready for these difficult exams, though the nature of his current school means he may advance in his education quicker than the average student.

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What makes George’s school special

While William and Kate wanted George to experience a relatively normal childhood and schooling, they were still very careful in choosing his school. And we’re willing to bet that one of the things that attracted the future King and Queen to Lambrook, where Prince George currently attends school.

At Lambrook School, students receive classes that are tailored to their educational abilities rather than their age. This means that bright students might be able to take classes at a younger age than they could in most other places. Once students are 13 years of age, they must leave Lambrook, and it looks like William and Kate are already weighing where George will end up going in a few years.

Will George be following in his famous father’s footsteps?

Prince William may be the future King of England, but he actually broke some major traditions when he was growing up. For example, both then-Prince Charles and Prince Philip went to the Scottish boarding school Gordonstoun, and most assumed William would follow in their footsteps. Instead, the young prince went to Eton College, which is where Princess Diana attended school when she was younger.

Interestingly, Eton accepts students as young as 13. That means that Prince George could theoretically go directly from Lambrook School to Eton College if he wants to follow in his own father’s footsteps. George even visited this boarding school last June, but only time will tell if he ends up surprising everyone by wanting to attend a different school altogether.

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