Meghan Markle’s Most Controversial Outfits

Meghan Markle is one of the most infamous royals in recent history. Some of this is due to her scandalous past: quite frankly, “divorced American celebrity” is the last kind of person anyone expects to marry into the Royal Family. The fact that she and Harry later stepped down from royal responsibilities and moved to America ended up making her even more of an outcast.

Of course, those aren’t the only things that make her so infamous. It turns out that even when she’s representing the Royal Family, Meghan wore some of the naughtiest outfits Kensington Palace had ever seen. But which of her outfits were so naughty they would make King Charles blush? Keep reading to discover (or maybe that should be uncover) the answers!

A little too much cleavage

What makes an outfit too naughty for a member of the Royal Family to wear? It can be complicated: for example, as a working royal, Meghan had to navigate many fashion rules laid down by the Queen. But Elizabeth also expected Meghan to apply a bit of common sense to her outfits, though that didn’t always go as expected.

Case in point: when Meghan arrived at the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall in London, she was wearing a black Erdem midi dress. It’s not too colorful or flashy, so what could offend anyone about this subdued fashion choice?

Just one thing…or, to be blunt, two things. The dress was cut a bit too low, so instead of complimenting her on her fashion choices, all anyone could talk about was her exposed cleavage. This echoed the time she showed a bit too much at the Sydney Invictus Games reception at Australia House in London in April 2018, leading some to wonder if this royal upstart simply likes showing off her breasts!

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Meghan bears a bare shoulder

Another dilemma when choosing a royal outfit is choosing one that looks good while still suiting the occasion. Unfortunately, Meghan sometimes struggled with pulling it off, and this was quite evident when she attended her first Trooping the Colour parade in 2018. The event was intended to honor Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell based on Meghan’s choice of dress.

She wore a peach Carolina Herrera that was modest in most respects, but she made the royal faux pas of wearing a dress with an off-the-shoulder cut to a very fancy royal event. This prompted speculation online that she didn’t properly respect the Queen or even the institution of monarchy. Inevitably, some complained that she should be more formal like Kate Middleton, ignoring the fact that Kate had, in fact, worn a similar outfit to this event in the past!

No sleeves, many problems

In retrospect, 2018 was quite the year for Meghan Markle causing a stir with her various outfits. April of that year was when she wore an Altuzarra dress, and the contrast between its cream color and black pinstripes made it look wonderfully striking. It’s a lovely dress for a lovely girl, so what was the problem?

As you can tell, the dress lacks sleeves. For this reason alone, many determined that Meghan just didn’t understand the formal style she would have to embrace if she was going to be part of the Royal Family. Some even thought this was deliberate on her part and that Meghan was testing the boundaries of the Queen by continuously dressing too casually for major events!

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The pantsuit controversy

Oh, 2018…will you ever stop giving us weird fashion faux pas moments for Meghan Markle? In July of that year, she and Harry decided to take a visit to Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland. For once, the couple really matched one another: Harry wore a light gray jacket and darker pants, and Meghan paired a white t-shirt with a black Givenchy pantsuit that was perfectly tailored.

Honestly, she looks pretty amazing, so what was the problem? As you may or may not know, one of the fashion rules handed down by Queen Elizabeth herself is that she always wanted to see royal women in dresses rather than suits. Because of this, Meghan’s simple outing with Harry caused critics online to speculate that she might not be ready for the Royal Family if she wasn’t ready to dress like it!

Return of the bare arm

You better believe we have one more juicy 2018-era Meghan controversy. That year, she and Harry attended a memorial for Stephen Lawrence, a Black London teenager who was murdered in a racially-motivated 1993 attack.

In her belted Hugo Boss black dress, Meghan looked both solemn and stunning. However, it was clear that she hadn’t learned from her earlier sleeveless dress controversy. This was yet another dress featuring her bare arms, kicking off yet another round of comments from online haters claiming Meghan needs to learn to dress like a royal. Here’s a hot take, though: we think Meghan looks so great here that the royals simply need to update their fashion sensibilities to something a little more modern!

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