What You Need To Know About Barron Trump’s Controversial High School

There’s always something a little surreal about witnessing the lives of president’s children. These are young people who grow up right before our eyes, spending countless hours in front of one camera or another. Nonetheless, it can be shocking to see them reach certain milestones because it leaves us shocked at how quickly time has gone by.

Barron Trump is a great example of this phenomenon. Thanks to Donald Trump’s one term as president and subsequent media attention, we have watched Barron grow into a tall young man who towers even over his father. Barron recently graduated from Oxbridge Academy in West Palm Beach, Florida, and his attendance there will generate great PR for many years to come.

That PR is important because, in its own way, this institution is one of the most controversial in America. Keep reading to learn more about why that is!

Barron Trump seems to be doing well at school

For the most part, Barron Trump has kept his head down during his time at Oxbridge and generated very little media attention (more on this later). As a result of that, most of what we know about his time at this school has come from updates from his famous father.

As Newsweek reports, the elder Trump spoke about his son’s academic progress at a May 14 event in Mar-a-Lago. “Right now, he’s doing a great job. He has great marks. He’s going to be going to college soon,” Trump said. “And we’re looking at some colleges that are different [than] they were two months ago.” 

It’s good to hear that Barron apparently had a productive and enjoyable time, despite the history of nasty drama (legal and otherwise) involving Oxbridge Academy.

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Major allegations against Barron’s school

Back in 2015, things were looking pretty bleak for Oxbridge Academy. The school faced some very serious allegations about both creating a hostile working environment and sexually harassing employees. Staff member Ulle Boshko went so far as to sue school CEO Robert Parsons for sexual harassment, and she filed another suit in 2017 alleging that she was fired for her accusations against Parsons.

Since then, select faculty and school leaders have been replaced and the school has mostly kept itself out of the headlines. However, Barron’s attendance at Oxbridge left many wondering whether the school had truly cleaned up its act or if it was only a matter of time before another scandal erupted.

Donald Trump’s surprising connections to Oxbridge Academy

While Oxbridge Academy has avoided the kinds of negative scandals it had in the past, the school’s prominent connections to Donald Trump raised more than a few eyebrows. For example, the school was founded in 2011 by the billionaire William Koch, someone who has made generous donations in the past to Donald Trump. Back in 2016, Koch also held a fundraiser to secure the cash needed for Trump’s ultimately successful 2016 presidential campaign.

Because of these things, the family’s decision to send Barron Trump to Oxbridge was a surprising one. We’re sure Barron is a bright kid and all, but surely the school’s founder being a political donor to Donald Trump may have influenced the admissions process? Arguably, this interconnected web even makes Barron’s academic progress suspect because who would ever give a bad score to the president’s kid whose father is buddy-buddy with the school founder?

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A wild allegation from the school’s founder

Speaking of William Koch, he once leveled some of the wildest allegations against his own school. After those previous scandals came to a head in 2015, Koch spoke to the New York Times in 2016 about the need to replace some of the faculty and school leaders. “We are finding alarming things of how money was misspent. If people think they’ve got a honey pot, there’s going to be a lot of bears around it, trying to get it.”

In addition to accusing his own employees of malfeasance, he also said that Oxbridge Academy was an “asylum” that was previously led by “a power elites group.” This was meant to underscore how much things had changed, but they certainly seem Iike the worst kind of comments from someone hoping more parents will send their kids to Oxbridge.

Barron has generally avoided media attention while attending school

As we noted before, Barron Trump has generally avoided much attention while attending Oxbridge Academy. He might be keeping his head down at his family’s request…after all, the last thing Donald Trump needs is more family drama threatening his latest presidential campaign. More likely, though, Barron simply hates the spotlight and is happy to stay out of it.

Nonetheless, Barron was in the headlines recently for a happy reason. He not only graduated from Oxbridge Academy but got to do so in front of his famous father. This came as a surprise to some after earlier reports that the elder Trump might go to a fundraiser rather than attend his son’s graduation.

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