That Time the Internet Thought Ivanka Trump Was Crushing On Justin Trudeau

Lenin once said, “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” Sometimes, we’re pretty sure the second part is the perfect description of the internet. After all, it only takes a single candid photo to send thousands of people into a flurry of jokes, reacts, and viral social media posts.

One of the best examples of this is when a single photo of Ivanka Trump looking at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went viral. It didn’t take long before fans were “shipping” these two like they were characters on a TV show. But what caused the image to go viral, and how did it end up changing the lives of both Trump and Trudeau? Keep reading to find out!

Ivanka Trump enters the world stage

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that Ivanka Trump would never have had the opportunity to run into Justin Trudeau in the first place. However, after Donald Trump shocked the world by winning the 2016 presidential election, he further shocked us all by appointing Ivanka Trump as Advisor to the President. It was a major responsibility handed to someone with little experience in this field, and the result was that Ivanka attended a number of political events around the globe.

In Justin Trudeau’s case, though, Ivanka didn’t have to travel very far at all. She was in attendance when Trudeau visited the White House on February 13, 2017. Perhaps it was just because it was the day before Valentine’s Day, but everyone on the internet began speculating that love was in the air when a picture of Ivanka staring at Trudeau went viral.

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Ivanka’s goo-goo eyes go viral

In the photo, Ivanka Trump is seated next to Justin Trudeau. It’s not clear exactly what Trudeau is talking about, but what is clear is that Ivanka is hanging on every single word. And in case you were wondering if this was just an image taken out of context, other pictures from this same event similarly show Ivanka’s fascination with the Canadian Prime Minister seemingly growing by the moment.

Needless to say, this led to countless funny comments across social media. The mildest of these involved people making jokes in the vein of “get yourself someone who looks at you the way Ivanka Trump looks at Justin Trudeau.” Eventually, the entire world got in on the joke to the point that it became a punchline on evening television.

The world gets in on the joke

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but that’s not always completely true. For example, Comedy Central’s popular series The Daily Show has millions of fans, and getting mocked by its host usually does more harm than good to a celeb’s reputation.

That’s something that Ivanka Trump discovered the hard way when host Trevor Noah decided to joke about her seeming crush on Justin Trudeau. According to ET Canada, he said, “Can you zoom into her eyes? Look at that. You can feel it. Damn. She looks like she’s ready to risk it all.” Continuing, the comedian joked, “She looks like she’s considering dressing up as a Syrian refugee just so Canada will take her in, like, ‘Let me in, Justin.'”

Obviously, these are simply jokes, and most people never thought Ivanka Trump had serious romantic intentions towards Justin Trudeau. However, it was notable that Ivanka was merely the latest in a long line of famous women seemingly smitten by Trudeau’s charm.

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Justin Trudeau seems to have this effect on famous women

In the popular NBC sitcom The Office, guest star Idris Elba played a character who uttered the very memorable line “I am aware of the effect I have on women.” And the more we look at photos of Justin Trudeau charming women around the world, the more we think this line could be the perfect description of the Canadian PM.

At different points, Trudeau has gotten flattered and even flirty reactions from women such as Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He once made Kate Middleton blush, and he got a very approving stare from Harry Potter star Emma Watson. He even got an outsized reaction from Melania Trump, who later went on to give a kind of air kiss to the PM.

Because of this, Twitter users jokingly declared Justin Trudeau “Mr. Steal Yo Girl.” It was meant as a joke, but the details that have emerged regarding Trudeau’s highly-public divorce have made us wonder about possible dalliances with other women.

Was Trudeau’s divorce caused by cheating?

Like most world leaders, Justin Trudeau has had a number of infidelity accusations over the years. Most of those accusations never stuck, and that was in large part due to the rock-solid marriage he had with Sophie Gregoire…or so we thought. After the two divorced, she gave a response to The Global News which reignited speculation about Trudeau having extramarital affairs.

When asked point-blank about Trudeau cheating, Gregoire responded by saying, “Ask if whatever happened in our lives — I’m not saying it did or didn’t — as if we would answer that.” It was a rather baffling response, and the fact that she didn’t give a firmly negative response made many think she was indicating that Trudeau was sleeping with other women.

If that’s true, let’s just hope Trudeau doesn’t try to give Ivanka Trump a call. Somehow, we think this would be highly offensive to her father and her husband, and quite possibly in that order!

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