All the Ways Ivanka Trump Changed After Leaving the White House

In retrospect, one of the weirder things about Donald Trump’s presidency was just how much it prominently featured Ivanka Trump. Instead of just bringing his daughter to work one day, Donald made her an employee and gave her the lofty title of “Advisor to the President.” From championing Trump on social media to attending his rallies and even going to international functions, Ivanka was a major part of Trump’s presidency.

Of course, Trump’s presidency came to a definitive end after he lost the 2020 election. This ended up changing Ivanka Trump’s life in several profound ways. Just how much have things changed for Donald Trump’s favorite child? Keep reading to find out!

Moving to a new home

One of the more obvious ways things changed for Ivanka after Donald Trump lost the election is that she and her husband had to move to a new home. During daddy’s presidency, Ivanka kicked it in Washington D.C.’s swanking Kalorama neighborhood, but after Donald’s shameful defeat and even more shameful January 6th antics (which Ivanka was there to see firsthand), she and Jared Kushner moved to Miami, where CNN reports they leased a condo for a cool $40,000 per month.

After that, the two decided to have a home built for themselves in Indian Creek, Florida, a conservative-friendly area that heavily voted for Donald Trump (according to Vanity Fair, 79 percent of residents voted for him). In the meantime, though, they’ve been living in the much more liberal-leaning, Biden-supporting town of Surfside, Florida. Residents there don’t exactly love their presence, and according to The Washingtonian, local town commissioner Eliana Salzhauer was quite blunt about how Ivanka and Jared coming to town made her feel. 

“It was, ‘Oh, good, the town is getting recognition,'” Salzhauer said. “Then it was, ‘Oh, no, the psychos are coming.'” Furthermore, she doesn’t want to be an “enabler” in any “reinvention act” on Ivanka’s part, and has just one question for this first daughter and her husband: “What are they doing in our town?”

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Ditching her father’s rallies

Before, after, and even during his presidency, Donald Trump was never quite as content as when he was leading a political rally. He was in his element, after all, speaking off the cuff to sympathetic audiences. Ivanka was a frequent sight at these rallies, but ever since January 6, she’s been making fewer and fewer appearances there, possibly in an attempt to distance herself from the extremist views of her famous father.

And Ivanka is trying to distance herself from Donald in other ways as well. Two sources with insider knowledge of Ivanka told CNN that she wanted to “walk a fine line” between openly supporting her father and not getting dragged down by things like his claims of the election being stolen. She ultimately wants “a less complicated life for her family,” and this has allegedly caused “the gap between Trump and his daughter and son-in-law grows wider by the week.”

Losing numerous political privileges

When Ivanka Trump advised her dad, she didn’t just get a fancy title. As CNN reports, she ended up getting a high-security clearance because Donald insisted, even though his own chief of staff and White House counsel thought it was a bad idea. She basically got to skip the entire process where the FBI would conduct an extensive background check and coordinate with the White House to help determine who gets clearance or not.

This wasn’t the only time Ivanka got to break the rules in the name of just doing her job. In a truly bizarre moment, Donald Trump not only took her to the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan, where, as Buzzfeed News points out, Ivanka tried (and failed) to “insert herself” into conversations with world leaders, causing them to get annoyed and causing major political backlash once she got back to America.

These days, Ivanka has no secret clearance and no longer tries to represent America to the leaders of the world. And honestly, those leaders are probably glad to avoid the headaches and frustration she caused!

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Ivanka in the legal hot seat

If Ivanka really has been trying to walk a fine line between supporting her family and living her own life, the last two years have made that rather difficult. That’s because her proximity to both Donald Trump and the Trump Organization have landed her in the legal hot seat on more than one occasion.

For example, as NBC New York reports, attorney general Letitia James claimed that Ivanka “misled financial institutions” via the Trump Organization and “put out fake and misleading financial information in some of its business dealings.”

And as reported by the AP News, Ivanka was actually with her father on the morning of January 6, and she was a key witness to major events like her father trying to get Mike Pence to not certify the election results. As a result, she has had to testify to the January 6 committee, and some of the worst potential legal fallout from that committee and her testimony is yet to come.

Downgraded fashion

While working at the White House, Ivanka Trump was synonymous with “high fashion.” She was always walking around in designer clothing and stilettos. But in the wake of Donald losing the election and January 6, SCMP predicted that Ivanka’s fashion was going to change in a big way. “No one is going to lend Ivanka clothing — she’ll have to buy it covertly at retail.”

It looks like this is one prediction that has come true. While it’s entirely possible Ivanka is just dressing more comfortably now that she is under less scrutiny, the Daily Mail reports she has been roaming around Miami in just a sweatshirt and leggings. Quite the downgrade!

And if getting snubbed by the high fashion designers isn’t enough, it looks like Ivanka is getting snubbed by high society in general. As reported by SCMP, Ivanka and her husband went to a Louis Vuitton fashion show in November 2021. There, they tried to mingle with the celebs like Bella Hadid, Pharrell Williams, and Kanye West, but nobody wanted to mingle or snap selfies with them due to their connections to Donald Trump.

Of course, given Kanye West’s pivot to extreme rightwing politics, maybe Ivanka can become friends with him if she tries again. For such an important meeting, maybe she can sport her designer sweatpants instead of the ones she bought off the rack.

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