Melania Trump Finally Speaks Up About Those Plastic Surgery Rumors

Melania Trump has had an amazing life, but we sometimes wonder if she resents her husband’s success as a politician. After all, once Donald Trump became president, he was the most powerful person in the entire world. Accordingly, the eyes of the world were upon him, and that meant everyone was paying extra attention to his wife.

Certainly, an ex-model like Melania knows what it’s like to get attention…she had admirers all around the world long before she tied the knot with Donald Trump. But once cameras began tracking her every public appearance, she faced additional scrutiny that left countless people asking some hard questions.

For example, has Melania had plastic surgery? If so, what kind? If you’re curious, keep reading to discover everything that led to these rumors and Melania’s surprising response! 

A little too pretty?

In a weird way, Melania Trump should feel grateful about the rumors saying that she’s had plastic surgery. If that sounds shocking, consider this: the primary reason that so many people think she secretly had some work done is the fact that she has continued to look so pretty long past the point this former model would be considered in her prime.

Certainly, Melania has worked hard to stay so captivating all those years. And Donald Trump has been relatively open about wanting a beautiful trophy wife; considering that Melania has stayed so beautiful for so long, he has certainly gotten what he wanted. The more the cameras focused on Melania’s face, however, the more people began to speculate she has had help looking so young…help in the form of the best plastic surgeons money can buy.

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Plastic surgery rumors

What, exactly, led to all the rumors about Melania Trump getting work done? Perhaps the biggest reason is that for all her beauty, Melania Trump rarely smiles or moves her face. That may just be because she doesn’t want to put on a show for the cameras. It could be, though, that she just can’t move her face all that much!

Her stony, unmoving expression has caused countless social media users to speculate that the former FLOTUS has had Botox. Of course, internet speculation can only take you so far, so we decided to see what real medical experts had to say about Melania Trump’s hidden beauty routines.

The experts weigh in

According to The Skin Care Edit, multiple experts think that Melania Trump has had, at minimum, Botox injections. Dr. Franklin, for example, said, “Her face has a stony look from being overfilled and over-Botoxed. Melania’s forehead is as smooth as a baby’s rear end, so she’s had liberal amounts of Botox for sure,” he said. “Her cheeks, along with the nasolabial lines between the nose and corners of the mouth, likely have fillers.”

Dev Patel agrees, noting that he could basically diagnose her Botox on sight from a simple TV appearance. “I noticed the very obvious signs of likely Botox recently when watching her on a TV interview. She was giving a rather personal account of her background, yet her upper face was not moving in harmony with her words.” In seeming agreement with all the internet speculation, he believes the “fact, it was not moving at all…suggests too heavy doses are being used by her doctor.”

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Did Melania go beyond Botox?

To the medical experts above, it’s obvious that Melania Trump has been relying on Botox to maintain a youthful appearance. However, as The Skin Care Edit points out, there seems to be a growing medical consensus that she has had actually plastic surgery on top of the Botox.

Dr. Franklin Rose, for example, casually mentioned that Melania’s rhinoplasty was “a beautiful job,” and he blamed her obvious Botox appearance on the fact that “Whoever is treating her now is just a little overzealous with the injectables.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Jag Chana agrees with the nose job diagnosis. “Comparing the earlier photo when she is younger and the later life pictures, one can see that the nasal shape has changed,” she said. “The nose is narrower and the tip is more refined.” She also thinks this former FLOTUS has had lip fillers.

Finally, Dr. Munir Somji agrees Melania has had Botox as well as “forehead contouring.” But he thinks she went still further: “She also appears to have had buccal fat removal to slim the face, alongside fillers around the jawline with radio frequency tightening to give a chiseled look.”

What Melania Trump has to say about these rumors

You’ve heard what these medical doctors have to say, and they all think Melania Trump has had some work done. Eventually, the plastic surgery rumors grew so predominant that Melania felt she had to speak out about them. 

Back in 2016, in an interview with GQ, she claimed “I didn’t make any changes, chalking her lasting beauty up to the fact that “I live a healthy life, I take care of my skin and my body.” She clarified “I’m against Botox, I’m against injections; I think it’s damaging your face, damaging your nerves. It’s all me.”

That sounds all well and good, but that interview wasn’t enough to shake the plastic surgery rumors. Now, we can’t help but wonder if Melania is dreading her husband running for president again because it will lead to even more scrutiny and speculation about her famous face.

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