Malia Obama May Have A New Boyfriend

Barack Obama and his family lead relatively private lives. Even when Obama was president, he did his best to shield his family, particularly his children, from the prying eyes of the media. And now that Obama is out of office, he seems to really be enjoying a quiet, mostly private life.

The same can’t necessarily be said of Malia Obama. Even when her famous father was in office, Malia became infamous amid rumors of drugs and partying. And now that she is out of the White House, she has more freedom than ever before to do what she wants.

And it looks like that freedom might include finding a new boyfriend. What do we know about her new beau? What happened to the old one? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Does Malia Obama have a new boyfriend?

While Malia may live a bit louder than her parents or her sister, she knows how to be discreet in her life and relationships. Because of this, we mostly know about her romantic life through different public outings that are captured by photographers.

Recently, this included her visit to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on August 4. Rather than scoping out the art on her own, Malia went with an unidentified male friend.

At this point, their exact relationship status remains unknown. There is a chance that he is simply a good friend. But considering how often he made Malia break out into a huge grin, we think these two are definitely more than friends.

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Who is Malia’s new mystery man?

Who is Malia’s new mystery man? The Daily Mail revealed he is Dawit Eklund, a 33-year-old Ethiopian-American record producer. Although he is nine years old than Malia, 24, the two have a bit in common. After all, he is a registered Democrat and his father also worked in the government. His father was a State Department officer at several U.S. embassies in Africa. Dawit’s mother is a businesswoman from Ethiopia, where he was born.

How serious are Malia and Dawit? We don’t know yet, but they have been seen a lot together lately. Two days before before their outing at the Museum of Art, these two were spotted rocking takeout food bags and drinks. Before that, they were spotted hanging out together in Los Angeles on July 29. That makes for a total of three public sightings in a span of just nine days!

Whatever their relationship, it’s clear that Dawit is very close with the former First Daughter. At one point, Dawit was spotted walking with this hand around Malia’s waist, while she had her hand around the back of his neck.

Clearly, Malia is moving on from her former life at Harvard, where she dated British student Rory Farquharson. In 2021, she moved to Los Angeles to start a career in Hollywood. But instead of working in front of the camera, Malia is working behind the scenes. And she’s already nabbed her first big project.

Malia is making big moves in her life

It’s perfectly natural for Malia to be seeking romance, especially now that there is less of a spotlight on her and her family. However, she has also been making some big moves in her career that show she is ready to leave her own mark on the world.

The biggest example of this is that Malia has been chosen to be a writer for creator Donald Glover’s upcoming series on Prime Video. The show is named Hive, and it follows the story of a woman who very much resembles Beyoncé. Hopes are high for this show given that Glover’s previous show, Atlanta, has been a major hit with audiences and critics alike.

According to Teen Vogue, Donald Glover has been very impressed with Malia Obama. She is not brand new to Hollywood, having been an intern and production assistant on the HBO show Girls. She hadn’t written for television before, but Glover makes it sound like she is a natural. He said that she was “amazingly talented” and that she is “really focused, and she’s working really hard.”

In Glover’s eyes, Malia won’t always be helping to bring others’ creative visions to life. He seemed to imply she will one day helm projects of her own, saying that he feels “like she’s just somebody who’s gonna have really good things coming soon.”

When that happens, her work on shows like Hive will be a thing of her past. And that may very well be the best description of her previous boyfriend, Rory Farquharson.

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What happened to Malia’s relationship with Rory Farquharson?

One of the reasons that a new man in Malia’s life is such a big deal is that she seemed so happy with the previous man in her life. In November 2017, she began dating fellow Harvard student Rory Farquharson and the two seemed very close for about four years. They weathered good times and bad times, including quarantining together for a portion of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

As with Malia’s new beau, we mostly observed Malia and Rory’s relationship when they went out together. But according to SheKnows, nobody has spotted Malia and Rory in public since November 2021.

Between this and how happy Malia looks with Dawit, we think things are definitely over between her and Rory. But only time will tell whether this relationship lasts as long as her previous one.