Ivanka Trump’s Daughter: Could She Get As Tall As Barron Trump?

While Donald Trump’s motivations have often been mysterious, there is no mystery about how much importance he places on the topic of height. Trump has enjoyed being a tall man for his entire life, and he seems proud of how tall Barron has become (though some claim he may be a tad jealous of the fact that Barron has become taller than him).

We’ve been spending so much time surprised by Barron Trump’s height that the height of Ivanka Trump’s daughter, Arabella Kushner, really snuck up on us. When you look at recent photos of her, though, it’s clear that being tall really does run in the family. And now, it looks like the young girl could get as tall as Barron or maybe (dare we say it) even taller!

Ivanka Trump’s daughter has mostly been kept out of the spotlight

We’re willing to bet the name “Arabella Kushner” doesn’t ring any bells for you. While Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have long since become household names, their daughter remains relatively unknown to the rest of the world.

This is, of course, completely intentional. Ivanka knows what it is like growing up as the child of a very famous man, and she has firsthand experience navigating all of the unwanted attention and negative publicity that comes with it. Therefore, she has raised Arabella as far from the spotlight as possible, which is exactly how Donald and Melania Trump have raised young Barron.

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Recent photos of Barron Trump ended up breaking the internet

While Barron Trump has always been a tall boy, the very fact that his parents have kept him out of the spotlight had the unintentional side effect of highlighting how tall he is. In short (so to speak), long months would often go by without any public sightings of Barron Trump. Therefore, whenever he would pop up in public, everyone would be fascinated by how much taller he had grown.

Perhaps the best example of this comes from some 2021 photos showing Barron and Melania Trump emerging from Trump Tower in New York City. You can tell from the photos that Barron positively towers over his mother, and since she is 5’11”, it’s clear that Barron is pretty darn tall. Now, Barron stands tall at a whopping 6’7”, but it looks like young Arabella Kushner might give Barron a run for his money when it comes to height!

Ivanka Trump’s daughter shows off her own surprising height

As we noted before, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have done a good job of keeping Arabella Kushner out of the spotlight. That’s part of why the public was so fascinated when a photo emerged showing the young girl walking alongside Jared.

Though not born a Trump, Jared certainly has the family height: at 6’”3, he’s objectively a very tall guy. But it’s clear that Arabella is now nearly as tall as her famous father. Considering that Arabella is only 12 years old, we can’t help but wonder how tall she is going to get.

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Arabella is nearly as tall as Ivanka

It’s impressive to see someone as young as Arabella Kushner stand almost as tall as her father. Thanks to some photos that Ivanka Trump shared on Instagram, we can also see that she is even closer to her mother’s height. In case you’re wondering, Ivanka is 5’10”, and we’re pretty confident that Arabella is going to be taller than that before you know it.

The Instagram photos in question were posted by Ivanka to celebrate her daughter’s 12th birthday. There are some very dynamic photos in there, including ones showing Arabella on horseback. We were more fascinated, however, by the photos of Arabella next to her siblings: she is clearly at least a foot taller than each one of them!

Barron Trump’s surprising relationship with Arabella Kushner

Given how much younger Barron Trump is than his own siblings, he has a very odd relationship with Arabella Kushner. If you can believe this, Barron is actually her uncle, despite the fact that he is only five years older than her.

You might think the combination of Barron being older and being Arabella’s uncle might keep these two from having much of a relationship together. However, the two have a very close relationship, and Barron used to have great fun playing With Arabella in the White House while Donald Trump served as president.

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Older photos of Arabella help foreshadow her great height

Like we said, most people didn’t realize how tall Arabella Kushner was until the recent photos emerged. However, when we began to look back on older family photos, the hints were there all along that she was destined for a downright intimidating height.

For example, photos from late 2022 showcase Ivanka and Jared’s family trip to the World Cup in Qatar. These photos were taken a year before we saw evidence of  Arabella’s most recent growth spurt, but it was already clear she was much taller than her fellow siblings. Soon afterward, a photo from a vacation to Paris showed Arabella and Ivanka hugging in front of the Eiffel Tower. It was clear in this image that Arabella was only inches shorter than her famous mom, and we frankly can’t wait to see what the youngster’s final height will be.