Is Donald Trump’s Indictment Causing Ivanka’s Marriage to Fall Apart?

One of the odder things about Donald Trump’s presidency is how much he insisted on his family being involved with his administration. While children like Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. were mostly handling Trump’s other business affairs, his daughter Ivanka Trump became an official White House adviser, and her husband Jared Kushner held a similar role.

Over the course of Trump’s presidency, Jared and Ivanka really thrived. But in the wake of Trump losing the 2020 election and recently being indicted, there are reports that their marriage is now falling apart.

What is causing this marital friction, and how has Ivanka potentially betrayed both her father and her husband? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Ivanka rode on her father’s coattails

Before Donald Trump became president, Ivanka Trump had tried her hand at being an entrepreneur. As reported by Express, she created one business focused on high-end fashion and another focused on prestige jewelry. 

However, the jewelry line was completely dead by 2017, and her fashion line folded in disgrace in 2018 amid accusations that she had copied some of her designs from others. Oh, and there was that wild time in 2016 when her Trump-branded scarves didn’t meet federal flammability standards and had to be recalled.

If that’s not bad enough, her reliance on overseas labor in places like China made her dad look bad when he spoke about the need to focus on American manufacturing. But it all worked out for Ivanka: she may have completely failed as an entrepreneur, but her dad’s presidential victory was about to lead to a bigger payday than she could have ever imagined.

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Donald Trump losing the 2020 presidential election changed everything

With their official positions in the White House, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner made some major bank. How major are we taking? According to Newsweek, the two might have made as much as $640 million while they were serving in the White House.

However, Donald Trump losing the 2020 presidential election ended up being a game-changer in more ways than one. For example, Jared and Ivanka effectively lost their cushy White House gigs. On paper, though, they could still use their connections to Donald Trump to make a profit.

But that doesn’t appear to have happened. According to a RadarOnline exclusive story, Jared Kushner is worried about the damage to Trump’s brand in the wake of both his election loss and the subsequent attack on the nation’s capitol by his most deranged followers. “Jared recognized Donald had become radioactive,” one insider said, “and he pushed Ivanka to abandon her father for the sake of their own reputations and the future of their children.” In turn, this began to cause some major friction in their marriage.

The happy couple begin sniping at one another

All of this served to put Ivanka in an impossible position. She has been her father’s most vocal supporter for years, and her loyalty to Donald Trump helped make her both rich and famous. Now, however, her own husband demands that she betray the man who helped bring her into the world.

According to RadarOnline’s source, all of this is causing some major strains on their marriage. The source claimed their relationship is now “toxic” and that everything they have been building as a couple is “falling apart.” The source continued, saying that “They’re always fighting and can barely contain their growing animosity for each other even when they appear in public.”

From a distance, it looks like this once-happy couple is getting a firsthand lesson in why you shouldn’t mix family affairs with business affairs. The source claims that “they still have grand ambitions and consider themselves card-carrying power brokers,” but continued loyalty to Donald Trump could put a permanent end to that. “Jared knew if Ivanka continued to stand by her dad, all of his big business connections would go out the window.”

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Ivanka’s betrayal of Donald Trump

It’s impossible to know exactly what awkward conversations Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have likely been having behind closed doors. But based on some shocking actions Ivanka has been taking recently, it looks like she has listened to her husband’s alleged advice and begun to turn her back on Donald Trump.

As RadarOnline reports, she testified at Trump’s January 6th congressional committee hearing, admitting that she didn’t think the 2020 election was stolen. This is despite the lies that Donald Trump continues to spread about the election, and one source claimed that he “was furious with Ivanka.”

Adding insult to injury, Ivanka also said no to Donald Trump’s request that she help with his planned 2024 presidential campaign. Her famous father begged her to come back, and she said no. All of this was to allegedly please Jared Kushner, but it looks like it might not have been enough for her mercurial husband.

Jared wants to focus on his shady new deal

Despite Ivanka repeatedly choosing Jared Kushner over Donald Trump, RadarOnline reports that he’s “turned a cold shoulder” to Ivanka, effectively pretending to still be affectionate with her when they hold hands in public.

And even though Ivanka chose her husband over her father, it looks like he’s choosing his business prospects over his wife! Sources say that “Jared is riding high now with the success of his new investment firm, which scored a $2 billion windfall from the Saudis.” But he’s worried that his wife may effectively mess with his bag: “He doesn’t want to hear Ivanka second-guessing herself over siding with him instead of her family.”

As Donald Trump’s legal drama continues to get worse, we can’t help but wonder if Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner will be able to mend their rift or if this will be the final wedge that completely tears them apart.

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