Is Barron Trump Following His Ex-Girlfriend to College?

From the beginning, Barron Trump has been the most reclusive Trump. He avoids cameras whenever possible and doesn’t seem to want the celebrity that his famous father has. That means we often get news about Barron from the most surprising sources.

For example, there have been questions about where he’s going to college, and an alleged ex-girlfriend claims Barron will soon be attending her university. Just where is the youngest Trump going to school, and what’s the story about this ex-girlfriend? Keep reading to find out!

Barron Trump plays things close to the vest

Before we dive in, some fair warning: we know very little definitive information about Barron Trump’s love life or his college of choice. When he was younger, Donald and Melania Trump tried to shield young Barron from the media. Now that he’s older, the young man has resisted many opportunities to step into the spotlight, preferring to leave a quiet and private life.

However, for better or for worse, Barron seems to be very charming and quickly wins people over. That’s a great life skill in general, but it means that many who meet the young Trump are immediately won over by him. That leads to some gossiping, and while that gossip is almost always positive, it likely provides more insight into Barron Trump’s life than he would normally be willing to provide.

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Barron Trump’s girlfriend revealed?

A great example of others dishing about Barron Trump is the social media posts of his alleged ex-girlfriend. The very private Barron never revealed any info to the world about who he was dating, likely because he knew it would cause a media frenzy. Soon, however, his possible ex unleashed a frenzy of her own.

On TikTok, she released a video claiming that “I went to school with Barron Trump, and he was my first ‘bf.’ When Trump was elected he brought the entire class to the White House. We gotta save bae!” At first, this sounded like she might have been just a random person seeking internet clout. However, she posted photos of her class in the White House with Barron and Donald Trump, making her claims seem that much more plausible.

Questions about Barron’s college choice

Since he recently graduated high school, everyone has one major question on their mind when it comes to Barron Trump. Since the son of a wealthy former president could theoretically go to school anywhere that he wants, where, exactly, is the youngest Trump going to be going to college?

Previously, several schools had seemed like strong possibilities, including the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School (Donald Trump is an alumnus of that institution). Recently, one of the colleges that has come up as a possible choice for Barron is the University of Miami. If he does end up going there, it looks like he might be following in the footsteps of his ex-girlfriend.

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The rumored ex drops a bombshell

Her initial revelation that she allegedly dated Barron Trump gave Maddie an online following on the TikTok platform. Those who follow her were recently treated to a video where she revealed which colleges she had been accepted to. One of those schools was the University of Miami.

This time around, Maddie herself didn’t bring up Barron Trump at all. However, given her relationship revelation from before, many noted that if Barron goes to Miami like the rumor mill has been suggesting, he’ll be attending school with his ex. Considering how close and tight Barron’s circle really is, could sparks fly again between these two young lovers?

Was it a bad breakup?

Speaking of young love, it’s not uncommon for younger people to have bad breakups. Such breakups usually destroy any chance of future reconciliation. Fortunately, it sounds like Barron and Maddie had a very amicable split back in the day.

After Maddie revealed that she allegedly dated Barron, she understandably got many questions from people asking what the young Trump was like. She had nothing but good things to say about Barron as she admired his deep voice and insisted that he’s “the best.” Again, we don’t yet know for sure whether Barron is even going to the University of Miami, but if that happens, he may find a very happy ex waiting to pick up where they left off.

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What Donald Trump has said about Barron’s schooling

While Barron doesn’t say much about his life, we still get occasional updates about him from Donald Trump. And as of the most recent update, it sounds like Barron isn’t completely sure where he’s going to go to school.

As Newsweek reports, Trump said in May 2024, “He’s going to be going to college soon. And we’re looking at some colleges that are different [than] they were two months ago.” It seems only time will tell, then, where Barron goes and who he dates, though we can’t help but root for a Miami reconciliation with Maddie.