Barron Trump’s Explosive Growth Over the Years: A Timeline

Barron Trump remains the most elusive member of the Trump family. The main reason for this is, of course, how famous his father is: in an effort to give Barron Trump the closest possible thing to a normal childhood, both Donald Trump and his wife Melania have done their best to keep Barron out of the spotlight and out of the crosshairs of the paparazzi.

However, between Barron’s secrecy and his particular set of genes, something funny ended up happening. He just kept growing taller and taller, and since sightings of the former president’s child were few and far between, he appeared even bigger every time we saw him. Eventually, this led everyone to ask the same question: when the heck did Barron Trump get so tall?

We decided to answer that question. Keep reading to discover the definitive timeline of Barron Trump’s height as well as Donald Trump’s divided reactions to his son getting so tall!

2017: taller than Melania Trump

It didn’t take that long before interest in Barron Trump’s growing height became a national pastime. After winning the 2016 election, Donald Trump did his best to shield Barron from cameras, and Melania Trump did her part by keeping Barron in New York City for a time before moving herself and her son into the White House.

However, Barron soon began making more public appearances in everything from his soccer games to the National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning Ceremony. At first, people began to notice that the young lad was as tall as his mother when they were side by side. But as Pedestrian TV pointed out after seeing Melania stand next to her son while wearing flats, it was clear that by the end of 2017, he was already taller than his mother.

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2019: taller than Donald Trump

As Barron Trump grew more comfortable with life in the White House, he made more public appearances. That meant more opportunities to stand next to his parents in photos. And by the end of 2019, those numerous photos made one thing abundantly clear: Barron Trump was now taller than his father.

This was especially notable because, at 6’3, Donald Trump is already taller than most men and certainly taller than most presidents. He’s not used to having to look up at someone else during a conversation, and he likely never thought he’d have to do so with his youngest son. Nonetheless, Barron has been towering over his dad for several years now.

2021: the tallest Trump child of all

While Donald Trump may not have expected Barron Trump to get so tall, he has a bit of experience in raising a taller child. For example, Eric Trump is 6’6, making him three inches taller than his famous father.

For a time, many people wondered if Barron Trump could beat out Eric and the rest of his siblings in order to become the tallest Trump child of them all. It looks like this is exactly what happened: when Donald Trump spoke at the North Carolina Republican Convention in 2020, he said “Barron is 6-foot-7 — can you believe it? And he’s 15,” before throwing in a very Donald-like jab at his other son: “Eric is short — he’s only 6-foot-6.”

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Donald Trump has expressed pride in his son’s height

It’s not always easy to know what Donald Trump is thinking at any given point. However, it’s clear that he has been very proud of his son’s height over the years. We know this because he won’t stop talking about it at the weirdest possible times.

During a 2020 rally in Las Vegas, Daily Mail reports that after Donald brought Barron’s name up to brag about his computer skills and the crowd began chanting the kid’s name, the former president interjected “He’s a good boy. He’s a tall boy, I’ll tell you that.” Later that year, at the aforementioned North Carolina Republican Convention, Donald Trump gave everyone an update about his son: “My Barron. My tall Barron. He’s very tall.”

A father/son schism or just a “tall” tale?

Publicly, Donald Trump has always praised his son’s prodigious height. However, political writer Michael Wolff alleged in his book Seige: Trump Under Fire that the former president was jealous of his son getting taller than him and that he responded by doing everything from ignoring Barron at times to making strange jokes about stunting his son’s growth. Notably, Wolff is the only significant person to have made such a claim, leading some to wonder if this might have been an exaggeration to help sell copies of his book.

Regardless of his previous alleged jealousy, Donald Trump certainly doesn’t have any problem discussing his son’s height these days. On the Moms For Liberty podcast, he claimed that Barron was now 6’8. Considering that Barron was only 17 at the time and that most boys continue growing until they are 18, it’s entirely possible the youngest Trump will grow even taller before everything is said and done.

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