A Closer Look At Malia Obama’s Secretive Love Life

Malia Obama has been something of a paradox for the better part of two decades. Ever since her famous father became President of the United States, Malia has been a household name. That means that paparazzi hang on her every word and public appearance, eager to learn more about the daughter of someone who was once the most powerful person in the world.

At the same time, Barack and Michelle Obama wanted to help their daughters live their lives as normally as possible, doing their best to shield the girls from the public eye. Now that Malia is grown and living outside of the White House, she still leads a very secretive life, and that keeps people from knowing more about her love life.

Have you been curious about the love life Malia Obama has spent years trying to keep under wraps? Keep reading to discover our deep dive into everything we know about her love life!

Is Malia Obama currently dating anyone?

Let’s start with the big question everyone has: who is Malia Obama currently dating? The somewhat frustrating answer is that she isn’t dating anyone that we know of, but that doesn’t preclude her from possibly having a secret man on the side.

For example, her relationship with Aminé (more on him later) has been so fluid and ambiguous that it’s difficult to tell if he was ever even her boyfriend or if he might secretly be her current beau. As annoying as the lack of details can be for those who want to know all about Malia Obama’s love life, the simple truth is that spending all those years around the Secret Service helped the president’s daughter learn quite a bit about keeping secrets.

Here’s the good news, though: by taking a closer look at Malia’s past dating history, we can get a better idea of who her current boyfriend may be.

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Her relationship with Rory Farquharson

While we’re willing to bet that Malia had a secret boyfriend or two before this, the first boyfriend that we definitively learned about was Rory Farquharson. Nobody knows exactly when these two first hooked up, but their cover was effectively blown when photos went viral showing these two making out during a Harvard/Yale football game.

As far as possible suitors go, Farquharson seemed like quite a catch. His mother is an accountant and his father is an executive for a high-profile investment firm, and his family even has links to England’s royals. The relationship eventually got so cozy that Farquharson stayed with the Obamas during quarantine, prompting the former president to joke on The Bill Simmons Podcast that the young man’s voracious appetite caused his grocery bill to increase by 30 percent.

Just as we don’t know when the relationship started, we don’t know exactly when it ended. But Malia seemed to be hanging around with someone else by 2022, effectively putting an end to her romp with Rory.

Her time with Dawit Eklund

While never fully confirmed, the mystery man Malia was reportedly hanging out with in 2022 was most likely Dawit Eklund. You might say that “mystery” is the keyword here because, to this day, nobody is entirely sure whether Malia Obama actually dated Dawit Eklund or not.

Almost everything we know about their possible relationship comes from photos of the two taken by various photographers. At times, they seemed like they were obviously just friends, but they looked so focused on one another during one outing that it prompted speculation that the two might have become an item.

Interestingly, there is quite an age gap between these two: Eklund is nine years older than Malia. He’s a music producer whose mother is a businesswoman and whose father once served in the Peace Corps. Because nobody is sure if they even got together, it’s difficult to tell when (or if) they broke up. Nonetheless, it became clear over time that there was a new man Malia was spending much of her time with.

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More than friends with Aminé?

The musician Aminé has had a surprising personal history with Malia Obama. Originally, the two were just friends, and they met because Malia wanted to see him after his performance at the 2017 Lollapalooza event. Understandably, he was surprised and flattered that the president’s daughter had taken a personal interest in his musical skills.

After a few years, it seems that Aminé managed to escape the friend zone: in September 2023, he and Malia were photographed together on what appeared to be a dinner date. In this case, “appeared” is the keyword: it’s not entirely clear whether this was meant to be a romantic outing or just an evening of Malia hanging out with a musician that she likes. Now that she is a Hollywood screenwriter working alongside acting and musical legend Donald Glover, the occasional dinner or party with an artist may just be par for the course!

So far, that’s all of the men that Malia Obama has been romantically linked to. Don’t worry, though: when she finds the next love of his life, we’ll be there to cover it!