Who Are Sasha and Malia Obama’s Most Famous Friends?

Sasha and Malia Obama have led very interesting lives since Barack Obama was elected as President of the United States in 2008. The two young girls became household names practically overnight. And they effectively grew up in the public eye, which kept them from experiencing the kind of fun upbringing that the average teenager gets to enjoy.

Fortunately, there is an upside to being the children of one of the most famous men in history: celebrity connections! Over time, Sasha and Malia Obama have made some very famous friends…ones who understand the burdens of dealing with fame and dodging the paparazzi. Just who are Sasha and Malia’s most famous friends? Keep reading to find out!

Skylar Jordan

As we touched on before, Sasha and Malia Obama have to deal with the burden of being the children of Barack Obama, one of the most famous people in the world. Fortunately, the sisters eventually discovered that nobody understands how weird their lives are quite as much as the children of other famous people who have to share the same burden.

For example, Sasha Obama met and befriended Skylar Jordan, daughter of Real Housewives star Charrisse Jackson Jordan. The younger Jordan received a coveted invite to Sasha’s sweet sixteen party in 2017. In addition to that fun party, the two gals have enjoyed lunch from time to time. Of course, the Secret Service was hovering in the background the entire time, but Skylar Jordan understands better than most the price of fame.

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As Malia Obama has gotten older, she has taken more of an interest in the entertainment world. Much of this is a professional interest: she interned on the set of HBO’s hit show Girls, and she later began collaborating with Donald Glover on a series about a woman who is (more or less) based on Beyoncé (Swarm). But as it turns out, Malia’s love of the entertainment world fuels her personal passions and friendships and not just her professional associations.

A great example of this is her friendship with the rapper AMINE. The two of them met when he performed at the Chicago Lollapalooza Festival in 2017. Malia was a big fan and wanted to meet him; in turn, he was absolutely star-struck to be rubbing elbows with President Obama’s daughter. The two became friends and maybe something more: according to Hola, the two of them were spotted on a Los Angeles sushi date in September 2023.

Dominique Fishback

Remember when we said Malia Obama was working with Donald Glover on an upcoming television show inspired by Beyoncé’s life? The show is called Swarm, and it debuted on Amazon Prime in March 2023. Dominique Fishback is the star of the show, and over the course of its production, she and Malia became fast friends.

Fishback said as much in an interview with People. Describing her time with Malia on the show, the actor said, “We got to talk. We plan on meeting up and chatting and continuing to build our relationship.”  This makes a lot of sense, really: Malia Obama seems like she’s really cool to hang out with, and now that she has graduated from Harvard and living in Los Angeles, we think she’ll make quite a few more famous friends on the West Coast.

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Joe Biden’s granddaughters

They may not exactly be household names, but President Joe Biden’s four granddaughters are all celebrities in their own right. As with Sasha and Malia, it pays to be related to the most powerful person in the entire world! Moreover, the family members of a sitting president are in the best possible position to understand the constant pressure and constant media scrutiny that Sasha and Malia are constantly experiencing.

Fortunately for all the young women involved, the Obamas eventually became close friends with Joe Biden’s granddaughters. They revealed this in an interview with Today, discussing how they all met back when Barack Obama was President and Joe Biden was Vice President. Two of the granddaughters (Sasha and Maisy) even played on the same basketball team coached by none other than Barack Obama! As if this story couldn’t get any more cute, it turns out their mutual friendship began long ago when the granddaughters asked Joe Biden if they could have a sleepover with the Obama girls.

Sasha and Malia: celebs in their own right 

So far, these are the most famous friends that Sasha and Malia Obama have made. We’re confident the list is going to grow, but it’s also worth emphasizing how much the two young women have become celebs in their own right. For example, when Malia goes out for a sushi date with AMINE, the press rightfully considers her to be the bigger celeb out of the duo.

AMINE certainly knows this, and that’s why he was so star-struck when he first met Malia. As reported by i-D, when the rapper was asked whether it was weirder getting endorsed by the Spice Girls or Malia Obama, he instantly replied “Malia,” explaining, “She’s the President’s daughter, and I’m a kid from Portland, you know?”

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