Kanye West Is ‘Annoyed’ That People Think the Divorce Was Kim Kardashian’s Idea

Kanye West understands that image is everything. And this may explain why he isn’t happy about the way his divorce from Kim Kardashian is being presented in the media.

According to a source speaking to Page Six, Kanye is “super annoyed that the story is being constantly presented as her divorcing him,” noting the “huge spin machine” that is the influential Kardashian-Jenner family.

And the source says the main reason Kanye is annoyed at this narrative is that it is simply untrue. “Actually it was him saying for a year that they have nothing in common except the kids and he wanted out,” the source claims. “She pulled all the stops to try to save the marriage.”

Divorce has seemed to be on Kanye’s mind for a long time. In a tweet on July 22, 2020, he wrote, “I been trying to get divorced since Kim met with Meek at the Warldolf [sic] for ‘prison reform,’” referencing rapper Meek Mill, who appeared with Kardashian at the Criminal Justice Reform Summit in Los Angeles in November 2018.

Why, then, did Kim filed for divorce first, back in February? According to the source, Kanye let her “file first in order to give her dignity.”

West filed his legal response last week, and they seem to be in agreement on several key issues. They are both requesting joint legal and physical custody of the children, and are asking the judge to terminate the court’s right to award spousal support.

But despite their agreements, the split seems far from amicable. Reportedly, West changed his phone numbers before the divorce so Kardashian couldn’t contact him directly. And allegedly West is already thinking about whom he would like to date after Kardashian.

If the insiders for PageSix are to be believed, a prolonged and dramatic divorce between these two may have been inevitable. While it’s easy to point to any one thing as the cause of their divorce, the source says it is not that simple.

“This isn’t about one thing. There are things that have accumulated over time and created distance between them,” the source said. West and Kardashian’s disagreements over how to raise their children have already been well documented.

For better or for worse, this former couple is likely to air even more of their dirty laundry before the dust settles on this divorce.