Kim Cattrall’s Most Scandalous Scenes on ‘Sex and the City’

Sex and the City was a show that had scandal built into it. After all, it made waves for frank discussions and depictions of sex at a time when society was a bit more inhibited. And seeing the lusty libidos of these professional women on display was shocking in all the right ways.

But even on a show characterized by scandalous sex, Kim Cattrall’s character Samantha Jones always stood out. Samantha was both adventurous and oversexed, and this led to some of the most talked-about moments of the entire series!

Now, we have a Sex and the City revival coming Dec. 9, 2021 on HBO Max, but it is sadly going to be missing Kim Cattrall’s Samantha. But rather than pout, we decided to celebrate Samantha by rounding up her most scandalous Sex and the City scenes!

Fireman fantasy (Season 3, Episode 1)

Samantha is known for having a very adventurous sex life. And in this episode, her dating a fireman eventually leads to her heading to the firehouse hoping to enact a very specific fantasy.

She is a bit surprised to discover the firehouse is full of (what else?) firemen. But she sneaks some naughty time in with her beau after sliding down and commenting “nice pole.” It all ends in disaster, though, when there is an actual fire and an otherwise naked Samantha has to get out of the fireman’s gear she is wearing!

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Maria and Samantha (Season 4, Episode 4)

One of the sweeter and more surprising relationships in the show was between Samantha and Maria. And while these two had many great interactions, our favorite was the one where Samantha has to learn the difference between pleasing a man and pleasing a woman.

When Maria tells Samantha that her romantic talents aren’t really getting the job done, an offended Samantha points out she has never gotten any complaints from men before. Maria then tells her, “I want you to look at me, connect with me. This is lovemaking. It’s not a porno flick. I want to show you.”

Sure, this scene doesn’t offer the screaming theatrics of, say, sex with a fireman. But watching Samantha learn to be vulnerable and emotionally open in a lesbian relationship is still very surprising!

Samantha’s monk fantasy (Season 4, Episode 1)

As over-the-top as the Sex and the City girls are, there are parts of them that we can’t help but relate to. And in the case of Samantha, we can definitely relate to her wanting something she can’t have.

In the premiere of the fourth season, Samantha meets a sexy monk. He can’t break his vows to date her, but this doesn’t keep Samantha from fantasizing about him. And this humor climaxes (so to speak) when Samantha engages in a hilarious bit of self-pleasure after attending a church service!

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Samantha and the sex swing (Season 3, Episode 11)

Part of the fun of this show is living vicariously through the different characters. And many of us shared Samantha’s excitement over the idea of using a sex swing.

Of course, this was the rare episode where Samantha couldn’t hop into bed right away. That’s because her new guy (and the owner of said sex swing) insisted that she get screened for HIV first. And despite her ample sex life, Samantha had never gotten tested before.

Fortunately, her test comes back negative and these two enjoy some time on the swing. And maybe they enjoy it a bit too much: after some vigorous activity, the swing hook tears right out of the ceiling!

The rooftop scene with Richard (Season 4, Episode 13)

Most of the time, Samantha is a creature of pure carnal pleasure. She is all about having fun with men and then discarding them when she is done. But in this episode, we see that she secretly longs for something more.

She had been trying to objectify Richard into just another sexual conquest. But after the two strip down and have some naked fun in a rooftop pool, they end up sweetly dancing on top of the roof. And Samantha has to admit to herself that Richard means more to her than she imagined.

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Samantha services her hot Worldwide Express guy (Season 5, Episode 4)

Almost everyone who has watched an adult movie thinks to themselves “who the heck actually talks like that?” As it turns out, the answer to this question is Samantha!

She takes a liking to her Worldwide Express delivery guy (who, in fairness to Samantha, is quite hot). And she ends up seducing him using porn-friendly puns like “Now, maybe I can help you with your package?”

The whole thing was already pretty funny. But the punchline to this incident is Carrie walking in right in the middle of handling the package. In fact, it looked like Samantha was busy licking the stamp!

Samantha and farmer in a barn (Season 4, Episode 9)

The whole premise of the show is to showcase sexually-liberated ladies in the big city. But this episode takes us out to the country, and it takes Samantha no time at all to find rural charms in the form of a sexy farmer.

The two eventually have some insane sex in a barn. But what really takes this whole episode to another level is Samantha’s clumsy attempts to seduce the farmer as she is milking a cow. This culminates in her getting a face full of milk. While wiping it off her face, Samantha can’t help but joke that she normally gets a bit of warning before that happens!

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Samantha enjoys her neighbors having sex (Season 2, Episode 14)

How controversial a character is Samantha? Well, she manages to have very scandalous sex scenes even when she isn’t having sex with anyone!

First, she is vexed by a normal reality of apartment life: hearing her next-door neighbors having loud and vociferous sex while she is trying to rest. Eventually, Samantha actually starts getting into it and uses the neighborly noises to help out with her own self-stimulation.

Eventually, simply being a voyeur isn’t enough for Samantha, and she puts on her most seductive gear in hopes of making it a threesome. She is then chagrined to discover that the noisy couple isn’t exactly her type, forcing her to meekly ask them to keep it down rather than invite her in.