Inside Barack & Michelle Obama’s New Martha’s Vineyard Home

We haven’t heard a whole lot from former president Barack Obama in recent years. And that probably means he’s taking the time to reconnect with his family and follow his own passions.

As it turns out, Barack and Michelle Obama just bought the perfect place to do all of these things. Purchased in December 2019, they have a new home in Martha’s Vineyard that is beautiful enough to make all of us drool all over the keyboard!

Ready to take a peek inside this extravagant home? We’ve got all of the inside details!

Man of Many Homes

If you haven’t been keeping track of celebrity news, you might be a bit confused at this point. Don’t the Obamas already have a home?

The answer is that they have multiple homes. That includes a residence in the Kenwood neighborhood of Chicago and one in Washington D.C. The Kenwood home is particularly notable. With Hyde Park across the street, this place offers easy access to many amazing restaurants, boutiques, and cultural attractions.

So, what’s up with getting another home? Like many wealthy people, the Obamas like to have a place where they can relax and just be themselves. For example, Chelsea Clinton moved to a new home with plenty of room where she could raise her children.

What’s So Special About Martha’s Vineyard?

The Obamas purchased this Martha’s Vineyard property in December 2019.

You’re probably very familiar with Martha’s Vineyard, even if you’ve never visited. That’s because we constantly hear about celebrities, politicians, and other famous figures vacationing out in the Vineyard.

What makes Martha’s Vineyard so special, then? Basically, it’s a location that is simultaneously remote (away from the eyes of roaming paparazzi) and very scenic. Jim Belushi’s wife Jennifer revealed to the Hollywood Reporter that the “very unpretentious” feel of Martha’s Vineyard is why it attracts Hollywood. “I think that’s the great thing about Martha’s Vineyard: It’s not Hollywood, it’s not the Hamptons, and it’s not Aspen. People go there and hang out.”

Put the ‘Living’ Back in Living Room

When most of us think about a home, we think about the living room. This is kind of the central hub of any home, bringing the family together for relaxation and fellowship. From watching the big game together to sneaking in a well-deserved nap, the living area must accommodate many different needs. Fortunately, at the Obamas’ new home, they have one hell of a living room!

The combination of vaulted ceilings and hardwood floors makes the area look both spacious and traditional. And while the stone fireplace also emphasizes the traditional nature, the exposed steel beams keep everything from feeling too old-fashioned.

Dinner’s Served!

Once upon a time, the kitchen was a really simple space. It was pretty much just a place to prepare meals. The meals themselves would be consumed in places like the formal dining room.

Now, the kitchen has evolved in some dramatic ways. It is a place to enjoy meals as a family and even socialize with your friends around a refreshing cocktail. As for the Obamas’ kitchen, this space is ready for anything.

It is well-lit and has room to store all of their cooking needs. And while the family can easily eat meals inside the kitchen itself, there is also a formal dining room available to host more formal parties. Considering the dining room is round, does that make this area Obama’s new “Oval Office?”

Inspiring Master Suite

The Master Suite is a unique area inside any house. It becomes that much more important when you realize how much time you’ll spend there. Assuming eight hours of sleep a night, you will spend a third of your life in your bedroom!

As you might imagine, the Obamas’ new home has an elegant and inspiring master bedroom design. Features include a large and comfy bed, a cozy fireplace, and even a private sun deck that gives the Obamas an amazing view of the water.

Throw in the soaking tub and multiple sinks in the ensuite bath and you have the kind of space that will dazzle their friends and colleagues.

Ready to Play?

As great as the home is, you probably have a simple question by now: what about the outside of the home?

The Obamas understand the wisdom of enjoying time outside. And with the stunning beauty of Matha’s Vineyard, it’s always tempting to take a stroll outside of the home. With the 30 acres of this property, the only difficulty is figuring out what to do first!

There are patios for sunbathing and a pool for cooling down. And there is also easy access to the beach, either for some more fun in the sun or a leisurely voyage in a boat.

Fun For the Whole Family

This home purchase is relatively new. That means we don’t yet know what all the Obamas have planned for the space or if Malia will be bringing her boyfriend by their home anytime soon.

It’s not outside of the question: in an interview for a North Carolina radio station, Barack says he’s fine with his daughters dating because of Michelle’s influence. She taught them how to not “be judged by anything other than your character and intelligence.”

If nothing else, Malia can rest easy about her recreational activities when visiting. After all, Martha’s Vineyard hates paparazzi, so there is less chance of another Lollapalooza scandal.

Getting out of (and Back Into) the Spotlight

It’s understandable that President Obama has enjoyed being out of the spotlight, and Martha’s Vineyard helps him do that. He can also spend more time with his family without distracting presidential duties.

Still, with the 2020 election around the corner, Obama cannot stay out of the spotlight forever. Chances are we’ll see more and more of the former president in the coming months.

As Democratic primaries and the presidential race heats up, being able to relax at Martha’s Vineyard is going to look better and better!

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