Meghan Markle’s Sister Spills the Tea On Meghan’s Royal ‘Lies’

One thing that you can always count on is that Meghan Markle’s family is a constant source of drama. Most of the time, that includes the Royal Family finding new ways to make Meghan and Harry’s lives miserable, even with an ocean between them. Lately, though, the biggest family drama Meghan has faced is much closer to home…literally.

Now that the Harry & Meghan docuseries on Netflix is gaining steam and gaining fans, Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, has been pushing back against many claims that her famous sister has made. Most recently, Samantha was interviewed by popular rightwing figure Tucker Carlson, and she spilled all the tea on the reality behind Meghan’s many claims.

Just what did Samantha say about Meghan, and how will it change the way you view the royal “pushy princess” from now on? Keep reading to find out!

The Biggest Lie

The biggest lie from Meghan, according to Samantha Markle, is that there was a great rift between the sisters and between Meghan and the rest of her family. As reported by Fox News, Samantha said that “It’s been a weird journey for me, seeing the media try to create a…rift between a normal family, that was never really a rift until fake news came along.”

Clarifying her statement, Samantha went on to say “I’m not her stepsister. I’m not some disconnected sibling raised somewhere else, and then brought together later in life.” While Meghan often discusses the distance between herself and the rest of the family, Samantha insists that “We pretty much grew up as a normal family. My brother and I were older siblings.”

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Together even when they were apart?

Later in the interview, Samantha claims that even when she and Meghan no longer lived together, they were close in other ways. For example, according to Fox News, Samantha said that “even when [Meghan’s parents] divorced and there were two separate households, we were always 10 minutes away. So naturally, you still interact like a normal family.”

Whereas Meghan often brings up how estranged she was from her family, Samantha insists they still made time to hang out even when living apart. “During the week, you come hang out, you go places on the weekend, you have holidays together.” Compared to some of Samantha’s later mythbusting, this one is a bit more difficult to prove, as it basically comes down to one sister’s word against the other.

Strange lies about Samantha changing her name

While Meghan has very publicly tried to distance herself from Samantha and the rest of her family, she usually does so in a reserved way. After all, she did marry into the “stiff upper lip” Royal Family. But Meghan occasionally took her claws out, and one of her more aggressive claims is that Samantha only changed her own last name to “Markle” in order to cash in on Meghan’s growing popularity after she began dating Prince Harry.

But, as Fox News reports, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Samantha was able to produce documentation showing she tried to change her name back in 1997. Furthermore, her college diploma clearly shows her last name as “Markle.” While Samantha isn’t afraid to exaggerate her own claims (more on this in a minute), this is one case where she seems to have caught her famous sister red-handed in a lie.

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An interesting claim about the ‘Princess Pushy’ nickname

One of the stranger claims in the interview involved a demanding nickname for Meghan Markle: “Princess Pushy.” As Fox News reports, Samantha told Tucker Carlson that Meghan “was lying, absolutely” when she said that Samantha gave her the Princess Pushy nickname. She went on to say that “I never called her Princess Pushy’ and, furthermore, “That’s a media construct, and that’s not how I talk.

So far, so good, and Samantha seemed confident that “Princess Pushy was created by a tabloid.” But none of this changes the fact that Samantha did publish an alleged tell-all book about Meghan with the title The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister Part 1. Even if Samantha didn’t create the name and even if it was a tabloid construction, she didn’t hesitate to use that derogatory nickname if it meant she could make a quick buck.

Popping the ‘rags to riches’ narrative

From the very beginning, Meghan Markle hasn’t hesitated to play up the image that she is living out every little girl’s fairytale dream. After all, she married a Prince Charming and, at that moment, became both obscenely famous and obscenely wealthy. And as part of the narrative, she often discussed her financial struggles growing up in order to amplify her own “rags to riches” story.

However, as She Finds reports, Samantha told Tucker Carlson that “Dad started making more money by the time Meg came into the world. So the private schools were a shoo-in.” She went on to explain how their father “paid for every penny” of Meghan’s “upper crust” education at Immaculate Heart. And it’s Samantha’s belief that this education “provided her with the opportunities that she always had, and maybe that’s integral in where she is today.”

That is very likely true, as networking is everything. Of course, since Meghan Markle wants everyone to see view her as a real-life Cinderella, we can see how the truth hurts her rags-to-riches narrative.

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