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Harry & Meghan’s Best Invictus Games Moments Caught on Camera

What if there was a secret side to Prince Harry that we hardly ever saw? 

It’s easy to think of Harry as a pampered prince who enjoys a life of luxury. True as that may be, Harry is also a military veteran who was so inspired by the Warrior Games in America that he created the Invictus Games to honor soldiers and help veterans heal, both physically and psychologically.

In fact, the very name speaks to that purpose. As the official website tells us, the word “invictus” means “unconquered.” Therefore, the point of these competitive games is to show that wounded soldiers are not defined by their pain but by their purpose. Ultimately, Invictus helps make the strongest of us even stronger.

Of course, for many years, Prince Harry has had a secret weapon to make him even stronger during the Invictus Games: Meghan Markle! She has supported both Harry and the troops all these years. And once you see the best of their moments at these games, you’ll fall in love with the couple all over again!

First public outing

Part of dating royalty is secrecy. Basically, there is a lot you have to keep under your hat, and many hoops you have to jump through before even making a relationship public.

That’s what makes this photo so special. It captures the couple’s first public outing as a couple way back in 2017. They attended the Invictus Games together, and they even sat separately, but the simple act of them holding hands let the world know they were an item.

It was a far cry from their Invictus Games onstage kiss in 2022!

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Harry meets Meghan’s mother, sparking engagement rumors

In case you were wondering, Prince Harry really is the kind of guy that you can bring home to your mom. And this is something Meghan discovered fairly early in their relationship.

At the 2017 Invictus Games, before they were even married, they made sure Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland, had her own luxury box to watch the closing ceremony. And they got some facetime with mom during an event that featured performances by Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, and more.

Doria’s presence at the event sparked rumors that Harry and Meghan were going to get engaged, which turned out to be true. If Harry was trying to impress Meghan’s mom, we’d say he succeeded!

Secret lovebirds

While Harry and Meghan always look happy together, the two looked radiantly joyful during the 2017 Invictus Games. In fact, they looked excited enough that many wondered what was making them so happy.

Now we know: the couple was already engaged by then, but it was still a secret from the rest of the world. Nothing like a little secret engagement to bring out the big grins!

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Paying very close attention

Harry and Meghan have never been short on affection for one another. So when they sit next to each other at the Invictus Games, we half-expected them to be all over each other.

But as this picture shows, they pay rapt attention to every event and every athlete. As much as anything else, this shows us how they really feel about these games.

The matching couple

Here’s a fun secret about Harry and Meghan: beneath those beautiful faces, these two are real nerds who love to geek out over surprising things.

As the 2018 Invictus Games were gearing up, these two helped promote the event by wearing matching shirts. If that wasn’t adorably dorky enough, this picture captures the moment the two of them were practically giggling watching kids control RC cars at the Jaguar Land Rover Driving Challenge on Cockatoo Island.

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Awarding medals

Part of what makes the Invictus Games so exciting is that it brings together soldiers from all over the world. So while we may always associate these games with England, America also competes. In 2018, team USA won the wheelchair basketball final, and they got a special treat afterward!

That’s because Meghan and Harry both handed out medals after the event. The message was clear: they wanted to personally honor the winners for their stunning performance.

Love on land and sea

Why do people love Harry and Meghan so much? One simple reason is that despite the wealth and fame, they seem to enjoy most of the things that the rest of us do.

For example, check out this picture of Harry and Meghan wearing their Invictus jackets while taking a peek at Sydney Harbor. Both of them (but especially Harry) are clearly happy just to be out on the water. And for a single moment, neither seems to have any cares or worries.

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Meghan opens up

Normally, Harry is the main “star” of the Invictus Games, which is only fitting for the man who founded the event. But the more Meghan came to these events, the more she participated. And she really hit the ground running in 2018, giving an unscheduled closing speech not that long after her marriage to Harry.

As Yahoo reports, her speech was all about her love for soldiers. “In traveling to these military bases, I was given a very special glimpse into the lives of those who serve our countries,” she said. “​I was able to see the unshakable bonds between servicemen and women on the ground together, but at the same time to feel the palpable longing for family and friends while deployed.” Considering these games are all about honoring soldiers, Meghan certainly knew all the right things to say!

Meghan and Harry pay tribute to Ukraine

Despite Russia’s brutal ongoing invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian team managed to make it to the 2022 Invictus Games against all odds.

In the opening ceremony, Meghan and Harry each paid tribute to the Ukraine team in their speeches. “For each team, my husband and I both recognize it’s been a lot to get here, both physically and emotionally, not least of which for the Ukraine team, whom we are all standing with,” Meghan said.

Harry added, “Your bravery in choosing to come, and for being here tonight, cannot be overstated…. You know we stand with you. The world is united with you, and still, you deserve more.”

A proud dad beaming

Life is pretty busy for a prince. For example, only days after his son Archie was born, Harry had to zip off to the Netherlands to help hype up the 2020 Invictus Games. We can only imagine he was a bit heartbroken about leaving his newborn behind, even for just a short time.

However, once he got to the Netherlands, Harry received a gift that made it all worth it: an Invictus Games onesie for baby Archie! Seeing Harry beaming as he holds up the shirt is enough to make even the coldest heart melt.

At the 2022 Invictus Games, Meghan seemed to pay it forward by giving her coat to a mother holding her baby!