26 Candid Moments From Prince Charles & Princess Diana’s Royal Wedding

Thanks to the success of The Crown, many are more interested in the life and times of Princess Diana than ever before. However, as with any television show based on real people and events, fans can’t help but wonder just how accurately the show brings everyone and everything to life.

If you want to learn more about Diana, the answer is simple: instead of watching a television show, just look at the biggest moments of her life! For example, her wedding day was photographed and recorded down to the most minute detail, allowing us to see the hopes, fears, and dreams of “the people’s princess.”

Want a more intimate look at Princess Diana’s big day? We’ve collected photos and videos that may forever change how you see Diana and Charles!

Rocking the rock

Princess Diana would eventually be famous for her stylish jewelry, but nothing was quite as famous as this engagement ring that took the world by storm. In fact, this ring is so impressive that Kate Middleton wears it to this day!

The royal seal of approval

Winning over the public is one thing, but winning over the Queen is something else! Fortunately, this photo captures the beaming Charles and Diana after they obtained the Queen’s approval for their marriage.

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Getting it ‘just right’

It’s always important to get your wedding day “just right,” especially when the world is watching! Here, we see Charles and Diana St. Paul’s Cathedral after their first official wedding rehearsal.

Check out that fit!

Ahead of her wedding day, there are few things as stressful for a woman as making sure her wedding dress is perfect. But since Diana all smiles as she exits Emanuel’s, it looks like the final fitting for her dress was just that: perfect.

A most delicate dress

Speaking of Diana’s wedding dress, it was one for the ages. It was designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, crack designers who managed to create a breathtaking taffeta dress and actually keep it secret until the big day.

Sparks begin to fly

Over the course of their marriage, sparks often flew between Charles and Diana (and not the good kind). But things started on a high note with these beautiful fireworks over London one day before the ceremony.

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Enter Nancy Reagan

Charles and Diana’s wedding was so important that it drew major guests from all around the world. And this included the first lady of the United States, Nancy Reagan.

Cheers for Charles

Onlookers gathered in the streets to cheer for the wedding of Charles and Diana. And once he arrived, a smiling Charles was all too happy to wave to his admiring fans.

Here comes the bride

While the public was happy to see Charles, Diana was the real star of the show. And this was the public’s first glimpse of Diana in her amazing dress.

Here comes the train

Diana takes a moment to wave to her adoring fans. But the real eye-opener is watching her ascend the stairs with her 25-ft. train, the longest train in British royal wedding history!

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Diana and dad

Here, we see Diana’s father escort her to the altar. And we also get a good look at Diana’s family tiara, the Spencer Tiara, on her head. Is it good luck or bad luck to wear your own famous jewelry to your own wedding?

Getting married in style

When you’re royalty, you need a really splashy wedding. And it doesn’t get much splashier than St. Paul’s Cathedral!

A better look

Want to see more of that cathedral? We can’t blame you! Hopefully, this video will scratch that particular itch.

The royal curtsy

Rank and hierarchy are very important in the Royal Family. And when you’re stepping into that family, it’s important to curtsy for the Queen.

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Diana gets Charles’ name wrong in her vows

This video captures just how nervous Diana really was. She was supposed to say Charles’ full name “Charles Philip Arthur George” in her vows. Instead, she accidentally called him “Philip Charles Arthur George.”

But if Diana was nervous, take a closer look at Charles during the 0:44-second mark. He looks downright miserable!

Charles & Diana do not kiss

After their vows, Charles put a ring on Diana’s finger. But though the Archbishop of Canterbury pronounced them man and wife, Charles and Diana never sealed the moment with a kiss! Some have taken that as a troubling sign of things to come, but in actuality the Church of England does not do a “you may now kiss the bride” moment on purpose, considering kissing inappropriate in church.

Sneaking in a private moment

It was tough for the special couple to find time for themselves when the whole world was watching. However, Charles and Diana still found time to whisper amongst themselves.

Nervous smiles

At this point, Diana is a newly-minted princess. Judging from her nervous smiles, she seems to have mixed feelings about all of it!

One heck of a ride

Charles and Diana are now married and headed to Buckingham Palace. Along the way, they will wave and interact with the 60,000 gushing fans that were cheering them on.

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Charles & Diana’s wedding certificate

Even royalty can’t escape from the importance of paperwork! This wedding certificate and assorted signatures helped make Charles and Diana’s wedding as official as humanly possible.

Making the Queen laugh

In later years, many would speculate whether the Queen really liked Diana or not. But on the day of her wedding, Diana certainly knew how to make Elizabeth laugh.

Nervous Charles

Prince Charles is typically very confident. But as he and Diana emerge on the Buckingham Palace balcony after the wedding ceremony, he looks quite nervous!

The famous balcony kiss

Sure, Charles was a bit hesitant on the Buckingham Palace balcony. But he and Diana eventually shared a kiss that was seen around the world. Charles and Diana’s balcony kiss was actually the first time a British royal couple kissed for the cameras on their wedding day, starting a balcony kiss tradition.

Huge crowds watch the kiss

You can watch the kiss in action above, but check out the size of the crowd watching Charles and Diana on the balcony! No wonder they were nervous!

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Let them eat cake

While the wedding reception had a whopping 27 cakes, this official cake (a multi-tiered fruit cake) was the one that stole the show.

Just married

There is something weirdly reassuring about the fact that even the wealthiest and most famous people in the world can’t escape their own wedding reception without the tacky “just married” sign!