You Won’t BELIEVE How Expensive These Politicians’ Homes Are

There is something very depressingly ironic about our elected officials. By definition, these politicians are public servants who are here to make our lives a little easier. But even as the economy squeezes every spare dollar out of the average voter, these politicians are busy living in the lap of luxury.

Just how luxurious are we talking about? We decided to investigate how much some of the most prominent politicians ended up paying for their homes. Keep reading to discover who paid what, and remember how nice these houses are next time you go to cast your vote!

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump, like her famous father, was already quite wealthy by the time she went into politics. She ended up serving as an official White House advisor, but this didn’t keep her and her husband Jared Kushner from making serious bank. Among other properties, they also found the perfect home for themselves in Miami, Florida to enjoy life after Donald Trump lost the 2020 election.

They leased this mansion in Miami, Florida for a cool $32 million dollars. In addition to its striking aesthetic design, the place has features such as a perfect view of the ocean as well as temperature-controlled parking spaces. Not bad for a pricy rental!

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Hillary Clinton

Bill and Hillary Clinton are both so wealthy that they have their own homes away from home. For Hillary, that includes a Washington, D.C. home that she paid $5.3 million for. That’s quite the price tag, but the prime location of this real estate means that it can serve as both a private getaway and a way for Hillary to stay connected to D.C. politics.

What does $5.3 million get you? In this case, Hillary’s home is 5,500 square feet, and the brick house has great features like a solarium and impeccably landscaped gardens. It also has a solarium courtesy of Rosemarie Howe, the designer who planned this home right down to its antique luxury furniture.

Ted Cruz

Compared to some of the more flashy politicians on this list, Texas Senator Ted Cruz lives relatively modestly. He has a $1.5 million home in Houston, and the location of this three-story mansion means he can be that much closer to the citizens that he represents. Of course, living close to his voters doesn’t mean that Cruz can’t treat himself to some serious perks.

For example, he renovated the 5-bedroom house so it would have features like a game room and a dedicated area for cooking barbeque. The abode also has some very practical features, including a walk-in closet as well as ample office space for him to complete his duties as a senator.

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Barack Obama

Barack and Michelle Obama were doing decently for themselves when Barack was elected as President of the United States. Even before his two terms were over, however, both of them were working to parlay their fame into big bucks. Now, after a historic book advance as well as a deal with Netflix, Barack has been busy showing the rest of the world how to live large.

One of the ways he does that is by relaxing at his Martha’s Vineyard mansion. The home cost him $11.75 million, but from where we’re standing, it was definitely worth it. That’s because the seven-bedroom house is perfect for entertaining, and the luxurious kitchen can help bring any meal to life. The real magic, though, is the built-in access to a private beach, allowing the former president to enjoy spending time on the beach without worrying about running into prying paparazzi.

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has become a fixture of Washington D.C. politics for many years and continues to serve in Congress. After many wise investments, Pelosi has become one of the wealthiest politicians in Congress, complete with approximately $20 million in residential and commercial properties. As for where she hangs her hat at the end of the day, Pelosi resides in a San Francisco home that she bought for $2.3 million.

The home is a little over 3,300 square feet, and it has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and even a 420 square foot basement. She and her husband Paul have been very secretive about what’s inside the house, but that’s certainly understandable after an intruder broke into the home and attacked Paul Pelosi in this home in late 2022!

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Al Gore

Aside from serving as Vice President, Al Gore is mostly known for his strong environmental stance. He’s a strong conservationist and someone who believes in making the world a better place. However, this hasn’t kept him from making himself comfortable in his $8.8 million Nashville, TN home.

It has plenty of space: at 10,070 square feet, the home is massive. It features 20 rooms, eight bathrooms, and a dedicated guest room. There are also cozy features like a pool and pool house, giving Gore the perfect place to cool down after a hot day.