Major Reasons Why Ivanka Trump’s Supporters Are Worried About Her

During Donald Trump’s tumultuous time as president, many looked to Ivanka Trump as a source of stability and comfort. However, it now looks like her life is falling apart about as quickly as her famous father’s reputation.

In recent years, events in Ivanka’s personal and professional life have cast doubts on the stability she once radiated. In point of fact, many of Ivanka Trump’s biggest supporters are now worried about her. What’s going on with Ivanka that has everyone worried so much? Keep reading to find out!

Plastic surgery rumors

Even before her father was elected president, Ivanka Trump had one of the most recognizable faces in the world. For a wealthy celeb and socialite, that’s usually a good thing. However, the fact that her face is so easy to recognize came back to bite Ivanka when rumors started spreading that she had recently gotten plastic surgery.

When Ivanka had to give testimony during her father’s civil fraud trial (more on this later), many noticed that she looked very different than she did before. When the Daily Mail spoke to plastic surgeon Alexander Z. Rivkin, he compared her looks in 2020 and 2023 and claimed that “She seems to have added, whether with filler or implants, significant volume to her chin and jaw.” 

Stress-induced midlife crisis? Only time will tell!

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Many alleged ethics violations during her time in the White House

Accusations of nepotism ran rampant when Donald Trump gave Ivanka an official role in the White House as one of his advisors. At the time, Ivanka’s supporters argued that hiring her to this position was an ethical violation. Soon, though, it seems like Donald’s daughter began engaging in ethical violations of her very own.

For example, when Crew looked into Ivanka’s dealings, they found that she and Jared Kushner earned anywhere from $172 million and $640 million during their time in the White House. This alone raised many eyebrows, and the publication also claims the couple didn’t properly divest from their business interests before becoming governmental workers. Speaking of business interests, Jared ended up financially benefiting from the Opportunity Zones program that Ivanka launched.

Throw in the fact that Ivanka snagged plenty of trademarks for her own business while working with other countries and her time in the White House looks like it was one ethical issue after another.

Allegedly keeping the Secret Service away from using her toilet

It’s easy for supporters to brush off some of the allegations against Ivanka Trump because most of them involved business decisions. In other words, if she made a few extra bucks during her time in the White House, supporters claim that she just did what anyone else would do in her situation. However, one of the nastiest allegations against Ivanka doesn’t have much to do with business, and it seemed downright personal and petty.

As the daughter of a president, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner enjoyed Secret Service protection at their Washington, D.C. home. Over the course of working all day, these agents would understandably need to use that bathroom throughout the day. According to The Washington Post, Ivanka and her husband actually forbid the Secret Service from using their bathroom, forcing them to find nearby restrooms or even use portapotties.

To solve this problem, the government ended up renting a nearby studio apartment for the agents that had its own toilet. It cost $3,000 per month to rent, and by the time Donald Trump left office, the cost of that studio added up to more than $100,000.

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Losing most of her famous friends

Before her father got serious about his political aspirations, Ivanka Trump had many famous friends. Honestly, that’s what anyone would expect of a wealthy heiress and socialite. But once Trump became president, and especially after Ivanka began working in The White House, it seems like she lost most of the famous friends she once had. 

A source close to Ivanka Trump said as much to The New York Post in 2022, claiming that her politics were driving several friends and associates away. Even before that, though, the writing was on the wall: Natalie Portman said as much to Stephen Colbert, telling the late-night host that “There’s not a lot funny to say about someone you were friends with becoming a supervillain,” referring to Jared Kushner. Meanwhile, Chelsea Clinton told Andy Cohen that she hadn’t even spoken to Ivanka since 2016 despite them once being close friends.

To make matters worse, reports that Ivanka drove other famous faces away, including Blake Lively and Emmy Rossum. Lively in particular took exception to how Trump’s administration (and by extension, Ivanka) treated women.

Ivanka keeps getting caught in Donald Trump’s alleged fraud

As scandals continue to mount around Donald Trump, it seems more and more like he may take Ivanka down with him. For example, in a video deposition regarding the January 6th attack on the Capitol, Ivanka was recorded claiming that she did not support Donald Trump’s repeated claims that the election was stolen. However, The New York Times obtained documentary footage from December 2020 that clearly showed Ivanka encouraging her father to challenge the election results seemingly because she thought he had actually won.

Later, Ivanka was forced to testify when in the civil fraud lawsuit filed against her dad by New York Attorney General Letitia James. There, Ivanka tried once more to unsuccessfully distance herself from his father and his dealings. Not only did James not buy it, but there are now rumors that this has caused increased rifts with both her husband and father. 

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