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The Untold Truth Of Sasha Obama’s Boyfriend

Over the years, Sasha Obama mostly succeeded in pulling off the impossible: flying under the radar. She comes from a famous family, and both Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are household names. And while sister Malia was often in the spotlight (usually for all the wrong reasons), Sasha managed to keep a low profile.

That’s why the news that she has a boyfriend really took the world by storm. And we wouldn’t even know he exists until Michelle announced it to the world!

So, is Sasha finally stepping into the spotlight? And what do we know about her new boyfriend? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Michelle Obama spills the beans about Sasha’s boyfriend

Historically, Michelle Obama worked very hard to keep Sasha out of the headlines. The former first lady understands better than most that millions of people paying attention to you isn’t always a good thing.

This is why it was so surprising that Michelle Obama spilled the beans about Sasha’s boyfriend during an appearance on Ellen. Speaking about her daughters growing up, she reminiscenced, “They loved the Jonas Brothers. Now they are bringing grown men home. Before it was just, like, pop bands. Now they have boyfriends and real lives.”

Michelle obviously wanted to underscore how surreal it is to watch her daughters grow up so quickly. But the internet was mostly laser-focused on the news about Sasha dating. While Malia, 23, has had the same boyfriend since 2017, this appears to be 20-year-old Sasha’s first college boyfriend. Let’s learn more about this mystery man.

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Who Is Sasha’s boyfriend?

So, who is Sasha’s mystery beau? His name is Clifton Powell Jr., son of actor Clifton Powell, most famous for the movie Ray.

At a glance, the 24-year-old Powell Jr. is very complex and three-dimensional. He is an athlete and an artist, transitioning from a college basketball career to being a content creator. And he’s also studied film while previously declaring that Straight Outta Compton is his favorite movie.

It seems that Michelle has met Powell Jr., but we don’t know yet if he has met the rest of the family. But with his artistic passions and career, we can only assume he’d love to “talk shop” with Sasha’s sister Malia, who is currently a writer for Donald Glover’s TV show Atlanta.

How did Sasha meet Clifton?

Neither Michelle nor Sasha Obama said much about how Sasha met Clifton Powell Jr. However, it’s pretty easy to put two and two together. And it seems like these two meeting may have been fate!

Previously, Sasha Obama was attending the University of Michigan, but she ended up moving to Los Angeles when she transferred to the University of Southern California in 2021. Meanwhile, Powell Jr. was awarded a four-year scholarship to play basketball at the University of California at Santa Barbara. But less than a year later, he transferred out to go focus on his film studies.

We know that Sasha and Powell Jr. met in California, with some speculating that they may be college sweethearts. But considering we only saw our first photo of the two together this past week, it’s unclear how long the two have been a romantic item.

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Clifton has a famous dad, too

When Malia Obama began dating Rory Farquharson, many people focused on his immense wealth. After all, Daily Mail reports that Farquharson was raised in Suffolk in a $2.2m home, and he attended the kind of prestigious Rugby School that some would kill to attend.

How, then, does Powell Jr. stack up to Rory Farquharson? In his own way, Powell is quite affluent as well. The Mail reports that he was raised in Ladera Heights, an area nicknamed “the Black Beverly Hills” due to the celebrity homeowners and the fancy houses. He went to school at Village Christian High School in San Fernando, a school with a modest tuition of $28,340 per year.

His father, of course, is the famous actor Clifton Powell, and his mother Kimberly owns both an interior design firm and a catering company. While being raised very comfortably, Powell Jr. was clearly raised to work hard by his parents. And lately, he’s been channeling his talent in some unexpected ways! 

From the courts to the content

Originally, it looked like the 6’5″ Powell Jr. was going to be a college basketball star. As we noted before, he received a four-year scholarship to play basketball at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Dad was proud, but Powell Jr. transferred less than a year later to focus on film.

However, his film studies have clearly paid off for him. The young man is now a commercial director who focuses on commercial content creation. And so far, he has worked for some very big brands, including Nike, Peloton, and Electronic Arts.

Ultimately, Powell Jr., is someone who figured out what he is passionate about and threw himself into it wholeheartedly. And that alone makes him a great match for Sasha Obama.

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