The Truth About Karine Jean-Pierre’s partner, Suzanne Malveaux

We’ve been learning more and more about Karine Jean-Pierre after she took over as the White House press secretary. She helps to deliver the words and guidance of the most powerful man in the entire world. Accordingly, the eyes of the world are on her, and the public is slowly learning more about Jean-Pierre’s incredible life and career.

Inevitably, people began asking questions about Karine Jean-Pierre’s partner, Suzanne Malveaux. Who is this mysterious woman, and how has her life and career made her the perfect partner for the newest White House press secretary? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Suzanne Malveaux!

A veteran career in broadcast journalism

Obviously, Karine Jean-Pierre didn’t simply become the White House press secretary overnight. That’s the kind of role that you spend your entire life preparing for. And when it came to her own private life, Jean-Pierre sought out a romantic partner who understands what dedicating your life to journalism is all about.

And that’s certainly an apt description of Suzanne Malveaux. As People reports, Malveaux was hired by CNN over 20 years ago to serve as a White House correspondent. In this way, Malveaux doesn’t simply work in broadcast journalism like Jean-Pierre does: she also covers the beat that has come to define Jean-Pierre’s life and career.

The long tenure at CNN would be impressive enough, but Malveaux also serves as a substitute for Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room and has anchored CNN programs like Newsroom and Around the World. In short, she’s comfortable speaking to audiences around the world, but she shocked her army of global fans when she announced she was retiring from CNN.

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The real reason she left CNN

Recently, Suzanne Malveaux revealed that she would be leaving CNN. It was a genuine shock after her 20 years of dedicated service, but she had a very good reason for leaving.

As reported by Deadline, she left a note for staffers that said she had “made the heartfelt decision to put myself and my family first and to pursue my long-desired professional passions: using storytelling to promote wellness, resiliency and social justice.” Fortunately, this was a decision that was supported by CNN executives, and it will be exciting to see what new areas Malveaux applies her talents to.

Starting a family together

It’s easy to see that Karine Jean-Pierre and Suzanne Malveaux both lead very busy lives. It can be difficult for them to balance time for each other and time for their careers, which is likely one reason that Malveaux left CNN. She may have another reason, though: their adopted child Soleil.

As two seasoned media veterans, these women have done their best not to expose their child to the media circus that constantly threatens to intrude on their lives. As such, they have been able to raise Soleil in an environment just as quiet as it is loving and nurturing. This means we don’t know much about the young child, but it also means her parents are doing their best to protect a vulnerable child from unwanted media focus.

Ultimately, it will be interesting in the coming years to see if young Soleil ends up following in her parents’ footsteps as a journalist and communications specialist or if she ends up forging her own path. And the journey that Suzanne Malveaux is about to take may end up having a profound effect on her daughter’s eventual life and career choices, particularly with her dedication to matters of social justice.

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The significance of Karine Jean-Pierre coming out

While we’re confident that young Karine Jean-Pierre remains a constant source of inspiration for her child Soleil, it’s worth noting that the White House press secretary is also an inspiration to young people all around the world. And one of the reasons for this is that she isn’t afraid to speak with both vulnerability and honesty about her struggles of coming out to her parents (and to the world) as a gay woman.

During the most recent Pride Month, she took to Twitter to describe her journey. “I came out to my Mom when I was 16 years old. The revolted look on her face sent me running back into the proverbial closet and slamming the door shut,” she wrote. “After that, my sexuality became a family secret and it would stay that way for years.”

Fortunately, she was honest to herself about who she was, and she eventually even won her mother over. “I’m proud to be an out Black Queer woman and I have been for quite some time. I’m happy to say, my Mother is now proud of ALL of who I am,” she wrote. “She loves my partner and she loves being a doting grandmother to the daughter we are raising.” Of course, with a partner as awesome as Suzanne Malveaux, what’s not to love?