The Shadiest Things About Kimberly Guilfoyle

While she’s not exactly a household name (yet), Kimberly Guilfoyle has been making waves for several years. Some of these waves are due to her highly public job as a former host for Fox News. Other waves are most certainly due to her proximity to Donald Trump: she is, after all, the fiancee to Donald Trump, Jr.

One thing that has become abundantly clear is that Guilfoyle wants to become even richer and more famous than she already is. However, her pursuit of additional fame may very well shine a light on the negative aspects of her life and career. What aspects are we talking about? Keep reading to discover the shadiest things about Kimberly Guilfoyle!

Sexual harassment accusations

After she signed a long-term contract with Fox News, most people assumed that Kimberly Guilfoyle would become a fixture on the network. However, she departed in 2018. The official story was simply that she had parted ways with Fox, but it seems like things might have been much worse than that.

HuffPost later reported that Fox let Guilfoyle go after a months-long investigation revealed multiple accusations of sexual misconduct from those she worked with. Allegedly, Guilfoyle showed coworkers unwanted images of male genitalia and dished about her own sex life so much that it created what staff described as an “emotionally abusive” environment. Guilfoyle has denied these accusations, but they remain a dark stain on her career.

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Throwback comments about female voters

Pretty much nobody is in danger of declaring Kimberly Guilfoyle as a feminist icon. Part of the reason for this is, of course, her strong connections to Donald Trump and his family. However, one major reason why feminists stay angry at the former host has to do with her disparaging comments about female voters.

During a nasty debate on her former show The Five, she claimed that “When you’re young like that, you think — same reason why young women on juries are not a good idea, they don’t get it.” She went on to claim. “They’re not in that same life experience of paying the bills, doing the mortgage, kids, community, crime, education, healthcare. They’re like healthy and hot and running around without a care in the world.” 

Between making it sound like women don’t understand politics and that young women shouldn’t vote, Guilfoyle did plenty of damage to both her reputation and future chances for Republican victories at the polls.

Weird drama over her disgraced co-host

One of Kimberly Guilfoyle’s former coworkers is Eric Bolling, a former Fox News employee who left after accusations that he sent sexually explicit images to the female colleagues he worked with. Where it gets weird is that while Guilfoyle claims she was also a victim of Bolling’s behavior, a source told Business Insider that she was actually dating Bolling and decided to betray him as a matter of personal convenience: “The minute [Bolling] became expendable to her, she did this. She felt betrayed by him and pushed him out.”

She denies those allegations, but it doesn’t end there. The New Yorker reports that Guilfoyle allegedly bribed women so she could help keep Bolling out of trouble. She denies these allegations, too, but there is no denying that drama seems to swirl around the former Fox News host’s career.

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Allegedly paying off her assistant to keep quiet

Speaking of people getting paid off, remember that alleged sexual misconduct investigation into Kimberly Guilfoyle? The New Yorker discovered claims that she allegedly worked naked around her personal assistant and compelled the assistant to sleep over at her apartment and massage the host’s legs. Guilfoyle also allegedly offered some startling advice to her female assistant, telling the woman to sleep with men at Fox in order to further her career.

Reportedly, Fox ended up paying the assistant a cool $4 million in order to not take Guilfoyle to court over this matter. Apparently, the assistant was willing to discuss the “degrading, abusive, and sexually inappropriate behavior” she experienced, but the alleged hush money payment had its intended effect and kept her quiet. Once again, Guilfoyle denied these allegations.

That bonkers speech she gave

In recent years, it seems like politics have just gotten weirder and weirder. The kinds of things that would have previously ended careers have instead become commonplace. However, when Kimberly Guilfoyle gave a speech at the 2020 Republican National Convention to an empty theater, it went viral for all the wrong reasons.

This was a speech where she declared America faced the prospect of a “socialist Biden-Harris future,” and she called the great state of California “a land of discarded heroin needles in parks.” As the speech went on, she claimed that Democrats “want to enslave you to the weak dependent liberal victim” and wrapped everything up by screaming “the best is yet to come.” 

Everyone wondered who the heck she was trying to impress, but it sounds like the answer may have been Donald Trump. The Daily Beast reports the former president was very impressed, calling it “fantastic” and “amazing” and declaring his future daughter-in-law as “my Kimberly.”

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