The Most Shocking Outfits Worn By Marjorie Taylor Greene

At this point, even members of her own political party have begun to realize that Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of our most embarrassing politicians. That’s not just because of her increasingly crazy statements as a Congresswoman, though those statements don’t do her any favors. Even on the rare occasions when her mouth is closed, Greene is an embarrassment because of her outfits.

Every time she turns around, Greene seems to commit some new fashion sin. Sometimes, it’s because she’s trying and failing to make a political statement. Sometimes, this results in nothing more than embarrassment in front of the entire nation. Other times, her weird fashion moments cost her six figures of lost income.

Just what are the most shocking outfits worn by Marjorie Taylor Greene? Keep reading to find out!

Her trashy MAGA hat

When it comes to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s fashion faux pas, we need to start with her MAGA hat. Obviously, Greene is a huge fan of Donald Trump, so it’s not that surprising she would own such a hat to signal her support of the former president’s desire to “Make America Great Again.” However, exactly how, why, and where Greene ended up rocking this hat turned the whole thing into a very trashy mistake.

Even though it looks like the kind of thing she’d throw on for a quick trip to the Sizzler, Greene actually wore this hat to the 2024 State of the Union Address. By doing so, she actually violated a rule outlined in the House Ethics Manual for Congressional clothing. The manual states that “The House buildings, and House rooms and offices — including district offices — are supported with official funds and hence are considered official resources. Accordingly, as a general rule, they may not be used for the conduct of campaign or political activities.”

The hat was considered a form of campaigning for Trump, and Greene was told she might get kicked out for wearing it. She then claimed “you can haul me out of here” if it meant taking off her hat.

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Dressing like a spy balloon

A very common theme in Marjorie Taylor Greene’s fashion choices is that she tries to make political statements and ends up making herself look foolish. A great example of this is the white dress and white wool coat that she wore to the 2023 State of the Union address.

Compared to the t-shirts and political slogan hats that Greene often wears, this outfit looks downright classy. Classiness, of course, wasn’t her goal: via a spokesperson, she later declared that she was dressed like the white Chinese spy balloon that she claimed Biden was refusing to talk about during his speech.

Honestly, we didn’t think it could get much weirder than deliberately dressing like a foreign balloon. But what made matters worse was that many online thought she looked like Cruella de Vil. Accidentally dressing like a cartoon villain? Funny for us, but not for Greene, whose political posturing completely fell apart.

The racist t-shirt

Sometimes, the devil is in the details when it comes to what makes Marjorie Taylor Greene’s outfits so inappropriate. For example, at the same 2024 State of the Union address where she wore her MAGA hit, Greene wore a t-shirt that said “SAY HER NAME Laken Riley.”

That may not sound inherently offensive, but the shirt was referring to a woman who was allegedly killed by Jose Ibarra, an illegal immigrant. Basically, Greene wanted to paint immigrants as dangerous people that Joe Biden wasn’t doing enough to fight, and she made that point by co-opting the “say her name” phrasing used to call attention to Black women who have been killed by the police.

A t-shirt that was racist two times over? Yeah, that’s about par for the course for Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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Another political commentary hat completely backfired

We didn’t think it could get much weirder for Marjorie Taylor Greene than the earlier drama with her MAGA hat. But in a truly bizarre move, she tried another hat stunt later to attack a political rival. As you might expect, this effort completely backfired in the most unintentionally hilarious way.

At one point, Greene apparently decided that Speaker of the House Mike Johnson was her enemy. To this end, she pulled off a weird stunt at a 2024 press conference where she produced a hat that said MUGA on it. The acronym stood for “Make Ukraine Great Again,” and during the conference, Greene placed the hat on top of a photo of Johnson as a way of claiming that he was putting the interests of Ukraine over the interests of America.

Once she posted this online, however, an overwhelming number of people unironically loved the MUGA hat and wanted to buy one for themselves. This eventually led to the company Saint Javelin making and selling these hats to eager customers. All the proceeds go to Unite With Ukraine, meaning others are making money from Greene’s idea. That has to sting, especially after she had to pay over $100,000 of her $174,000 annual salary for initially refusing to wear a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic!