Natalie Biden’s Stunning Transformation

For better or for worse, we don’t hear as much about President Biden’s family (including extended family) as we hear about former President Trump’s family. Because of that, we are often surprised at what we discover when we check in on Biden’s relatives, including granddaughter Natalie.

When Joe Biden was in the White House for the first time, Natalie Biden was only four years old. The combination of her age and her (relative) distance from Joe Biden kept Natalie from becoming a household name. Now, though, she’s more famous than ever before, and we were stunned to see what a powerful and beautiful young woman she has become.

What is Natalie Biden up to now, and how has she transformed over the years? Keep reading to find out!

The tragic story behind her full name

When you hear her first name, you might not think there is anything significant about the name “Natalie Biden.” After all, Natalie is a beautiful and common name, and one used by women all over the world. In this case, however, there is much sadness when it comes to the middle name of Joe Biden’s granddaughter.

In December 1972, Joe Biden’s original wife Neila Biden died in a tragic car accident. What made things worse is that someone else died in the accident: 13-month-old “Amy” Biden, whose real name was Naomi. Natalie Biden’s middle name is Naomi, and it was given to her by her father, Beau Biden, who survived the same car crash that killed his mother and younger sister.

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She inspired Jill Biden’s book

Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, has never been on to simply ride on her famous husband’s coattails. She has a vibrant career of her own as an educator, and she even wrote a children’s book. Incidentally, the name of this book is one that was directly inspired by Natalie Biden.

Jill Biden told The Gainesville Sun that one night, she was saying bedtime prayers with young Natalie. When Jill left out an important part, the young girl immediately piped up by saying “Don’t forget, Nana, God bless our troops.” Moved by her words, Jill Biden used this as the title of her children’s book, one that included some artwork by Natalie and even had a character bearing her name whose father (like Natalie’s real father Beau Biden) was in the military.

Her time with her father was cut too short

Natalie Biden had a very close relationship with her father Beau Biden, and that’s part of what made his untimely death in 2015 such a tragedy. The ambitious Biden previously served as the attorney general for the state of Delaware, and he was planning to run for governor because his diagnosis destroyed his political dreams.

Despite his major ambitions and spirit of service, Beau Biden always found time to spend with Natalie. Former colleague Patricia Dailey Lewis said as much to Time, noting that Beau “loved to bring his daughter Natalie into the office, usually on Friday afternoons, to spend time with her. When she was there, she was his whole focus.”

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Spilling secrets about Joe Biden

The sudden and shocking death of Beau Biden is the real reason that Joe didn’t run for president in 2016. However, he was ready to run a few years later, and this helped bring Natalie Biden back to the national stage. Along with her cousins, she gave an interview to PBS NewsHour where she wasn’t afraid to spill some secrets about Joe Biden that are guaranteed to make you laugh.

What’s one of the scoops she had to share about the current president? In this case, the scoop is an actual scoop: she revealed that Joe Biden is a real ice cream fiend and Jill sometimes has to get onto him about eating it. Joe’s solution is as simple as it is hilarious: he prefers to eat it behind the freezer door so Jill can’t see what he is doing!

From a flashy inauguration to dad’s old college

We’re not sure if America learning about Joe Biden’s ice cream habits really helped, but he ultimately won the 2020 election. In early 2021, Natalie attended his inauguration, and she knew the eyes of the world were going to be on her. She rose to the occasion by becoming pretty in pink…specifically, a Lafayette 148 New York coat with a matching scarf that had the entire internet buzzing about how Joe Biden’s granddaughter had become a fashion icon.

By the next year, Natalie Biden was ready to attend college. She toured many potential universities, and Joe Biden helped her tour somewhere very special: the University of Pennsylvania, where Beau Biden had graduated years ago. Natalie decided her father’s alma mater would become her own, deciding to follow in her father’s footsteps as she embarks on her college journey. 

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