Who Is Natalie Biden? Meet Joe Biden’s Granddaughter

In the U.S., the president becomes our biggest celebrity. And like when any other celeb rises to fame, their family members sometimes become celebrities in their own right!

One of the most surprising breakout members of Joe Biden’s family is his 16-year-old granddaughter Natalie Biden. Now that Grandpa is in the White House, she has a bigger platform than most teenagers could ever dream of. And she’s been making headlines of her own lately in many different ways.

So, who is Natalie Biden and why is she trending? Here’s everything you need to know.

TikTok star

Nowadays, TikTok serves as a cultural barometer. Whatever is going to be hot tomorrow is already hot on TikTok. And that includes Natalie Biden!

Compared to many popular users, Natalie Biden (username @NatBiden) has only uploaded a few videos. And as of this writing, none of her previously uploaded content is available anymore. But this hasn’t kept her from amassing quite the following!

Right now, Natalie has over 1.5 million followers on TikTok. While she has likely kept quiet on the account as Joe Biden transitioned into the White House, she has a ready-made platform for anything she wants to share with the world!

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Style icon

At such a young age, Natalie Biden is already being described as a style icon. As it turns out, this label is very accurate!

During Joe Biden’s inauguration, Natalie didn’t make a scene or do anything to draw attention to herself. But her outfit was a bonafide hit with fashionistas everywhere.

For the big event, Natalie rocked a pink coat, knee-high tan boots, and a pink mask. It all sounds simple enough, but Natalie made this inauguration outfit into a signature look practically overnight.

Now that Natalie is gaining notice, people wonder what she will do with her newfound fame.

Big shoes to fill 

It’s only natural to compare Natalie Biden to Joe Biden and wonder if she will follow in his footsteps. But she arguably has some even bigger shoes to fill thanks to her father.

Natalie is the eldest child of Joe Biden’s son, the late, great Beau Biden. Though Beau died at only 46 due to brain cancer, he managed to accomplish more than most people could accomplish in multiple lifetimes.

First, Beau was a war hero who joined the National Guard in 2003 and went to Iraq in 2008. He even received the Bronze Star for his bravery and service during this time.

Second, Beau was a powerful force for the law. He was a prosecutor in Philadelphia for nine years before becoming Delaware’s Attorney General in 2006. In this position, he fiercely took on banks and other lenders that caused the 2008 financial crisis while also getting 180 convictions against child sex criminals.

In short, Beau Biden was the true embodiment of what someone could accomplish through sheer force of will. Time will tell if Natalie measures up to her father. But she’s already walked a mile in his shoes by helping grandpa Joe on the campaign trail.

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Life on the campaign trail

Getting Joe Biden elected was definitely a family affair. In addition to plenty of support from Jill Biden, Joe received some special assistance from Natalie.

In August 2020, she appeared at the Democratic National Convention alongside her younger brother Hunter and her cousins Maisy, Finnegan and Naomi. As the LA Times reports, Natalie was blunt and to the point with her words.

“Pop told us that this election would be totally different from any other election, ever. He was worried how it would affect his kids,” she said during a special segment. “We just knew that he had to run, and we weren’t gonna take no as an answer.”

With her passion and inability to take “no” as an answer, Natalie might already be influenced by Beau Biden’s legacy.

Close with grandma

That same DNC segment gave us more of a glimpse into how Natalie views her family members. And like much of the world, she has great love and affection for First Lady Jill Biden.

As Today reports, Natalie began describing Jill with a simple compliment. She said that Jill is “not your average grandmother.” She followed up on this, though, by dishing about the side of Jill Biden nobody ever sees.

“She’s a prankster, she’s very mischievous. When she goes on a run, sometimes she’ll find like a dead snake and she’ll pick it up and put it in a bag and she’ll use it to scare someone.”

With pranks like that on offer, Joe might need to keep a closer eye on his bags inside the White House!

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Social media

At only 16 years old, you might expect Natalie Biden to exploit her newfound fame. Instead, she has exhibited an ability most teenagers are incapable of: laying low on social media!

As we noted earlier, she has seemingly deleted the videos from her TikTok account despite having 1.5 million followers. And she has wisely made her likes private.

Similarly, she has made her Instagram account private as of the time of this writing. All things considered, this helps to protect her privacy while also making sure she doesn’t cause any scandals with the things she posts or likes.

Calling out Joe Biden

If we’re being honest, one of the best qualities of teenagers is that they aren’t afraid to speak their minds. And in the case of Natalie Biden, she isn’t afraid to call out Joe Biden!

During her and her cousins’ segment at the DNC, they started talking about Joe Biden’s love of ice cream. This was because they had given him some ice cream as a gift, but Natalie couldn’t help but talk about one of Joe’s adorable (albeit sneaky) habits.

As Harper’s Bazaar reports, she described his ice cream eating habits. “Eating it in the freezer so my grandma doesn’t see,” she said. “He hides it.”

The secret is out, Joe! Luckily for him, there are plenty of great ice cream hiding places in the White House.

But there is no hiding Natalie Biden, who has quickly established herself as a rising star in fashion, social media, and beyond.

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