10 Times Donald Trump Was Caught Kissing Other Women

Right now, Donald Trump is in the kind of hot water that no former president (even Richard Nixon) has ever been in. That’s because he has been indicted over dozens of felony counts, most of which seem to revolve around paying porn star Stormy Daniels hush money to cover up their affair during his 2016 presidential run.

Revelations about Daniels raised many eyebrows because it meant there was allegedly a smoking gun regarding Donald Trump’s infidelity. Trump has been married to different women over the years, and there were always rumors of him cheating with other women (this is generally considered why he and Ivana, his first wife, got divorced). But news about Stormy Daniels had many asking just how many other women Trump had affairs with.

We have no way of knowing that, but we do know that Trump loved kissing other women a little too much. Keep reading to discover all the times Donald Trump was caught kissing someone other than his wife!

Laura Ingraham

Donald Trump has had a somewhat rocky relationship with conservative commentator Laura Ingraham. At times, she has been one of his loudest supporters. These days, though, she doesn’t hesitate to tell Trump he needs to stop bringing up his loss in the 2020 presidential election.

Still, this photo serves as a record of happier times between the two of them. And depending on how things go with Trump’s 2024 presidential ambitions, these two might become this cozy once more.

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Ivanka Trump

It’s an open secret that Donald Trump has a somewhat creepy fixation on his daughter Ivanka. In fact, he has previously said that if she wasn’t his daughter, he’d likely be dating her.

All of that serves to make photos of him kissing Ivanka seem far creepier than they otherwise would be. And as for Ivanka, God only knows what she is thinking when the daddy who previously praised her “voluptuous” body leans in for another kiss.

Olivia Culpo

Donald Trump’s weirdness toward beauty pageant contestants is something his political opponents love to bring up. This includes allegations of Trump getting a little too familiar with these young women as they compete against one another.

In this photo, though, Olivia Culpo doesn’t seem to mind the attention. Then again, as the winner of both Miss USA and Miss Universe, Culpo is basically a master of getting men’s attention, and Trump’s affections didn’t seem to throw her off.

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Heidi Klum

When allegations came forth from Stormy Daniels and many other women, the public couldn’t help but speculate. For example, if Trump really was fooling around with all these other women, was Melania Trump really unaware of what was going on?

We have no way of knowing that. But given all the allegations, we can’t help but think this photo of Trump kissing Heidi Klum while a smiling Melania looks on is pretty damn wild!

Alicia Machado

Again, Donald Trump was probably a little too familiar with some beauty pageant contestants over the years. And it looks like we can add Alicia Machado to that particular list.

Machado hails from Venezuela and is best known for being crowned Miss Universe. And judging from this photo, her skills were enough to gain attention from Trump, though his smooch didn’t throw off her morning fitness routine.

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Paula Zahn

Ever see one of those photos where someone is smiling but their eyes tell a different story? Because this is a textbook example of that!

Here, we see Paula Zahn in a smooch sandwich, with Donald Trump on one side and Richard Cohen on the other. She’s got a smile on her face, but her eyes are clearly screaming “help me.”

Faith Daniels

Speaking of eyes, this is one of the few kissing photos where Trump looks like the surprised one. It really does look like he wasn’t expecting to kiss Faith Daniels that night!

The two were both attending a benefit for the March of Dimes. And based on the look on his face, this is one benefit that Donald Trump will never forget.

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Angela Merkel

As the former Prime Minister of Germany, Angela Merkel had more than a few dealings with Donald Trump. They reportedly didn’t really like one another, but you probably couldn’t tell based on this image.

Obviously, this kiss is all about political flattery rather than any kind of genuine affection. Still, it’s fascinating to see how Trump has no compunctions or hesitations about kissing others, even people that seemingly hate his guts.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Sarah Huckabee Sanders famously took over her dad’s job by becoming the governor of Arkansas. And that might explain why Donald Trump, himself the father of five children, would adopt such a paternal air towards her.

Here, we see Trump giving the younger woman a simple kiss on the cheek. It’s very chaste, of course, but looking at the smile that Sanders can’t hide, it’s clear that even a chaste kiss from Trump is enough to get a rise, especially from his biggest supporters like Sanders.

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Brigitte Macron

The French pretty much invented kissing each other on the cheek, so it’s not that surprising that Donald Trump received a kiss from Brigitte Macron, Emmanuel Macron’s wife. What is surprising, though, is just how weird this entire photo is.

Basically, Emmanuel Macron seems to be the only one into this. His wife and Trump both look like they are doing this out of a sense of formality, and Melania seems to be looking away in embarrassment. Talk about your strange photos!