Photos Of Johnny Depp He Never Wanted Us To See

Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard is shaping up to be the case of the century. After all, two Hollywood heavyweights are slugging it out for the world to see. And along the way, we are getting some weird and wild glimpses into their personal lives.

Across social media, most people seem to be #TeamJohnny. And it’s admittedly tough to sympathize with Amber Heard when we hear the recording of her taunting Depp about how nobody will ever believe she attacked him.

But make no mistake: Johnny Depp is no angel himself. He has a long history of wrecking hotels, getting arrested, and even some persistent rumors about abusing Kate Moss when they were dating. Want to get a look at the real Depp? Just check out these photos he probably never wanted any of us to see!

Young rocker

Before becoming an actor, Depp was a musician. And this early photo shows his intense face as he rocks out.

Awkward teen

While Depp was a handsome teen, he is borderline unrecognizable in this early childhood photo.

Looking cool

We’re willing to bet young Depp was trying to strike a cool James Dean pose. Does anyone have the heart to tell him he’s not quite pulling it off?

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First arrest

That 1994 arrest wasn’t Depp’s first brush with the law. He was also arrested in 1989 for assault and mischief after attacking a security guard responding to complaints about a hotel party. At the time, many were amused to see an actor famous for playing an undercover police officer in 21 Jump Street running afoul of real police officers.

Melting away

This image of a passed-out Depp with ice cream spilling on him came up during his current defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard. Heard maintains this is evidence of Depp’s hard-partying lifestyle; Depp maintains she put the ice cream there when he was tired to humiliate him.

Fake mugshot

Long before Russia invaded Ukraine, Depp posed in this fake mugshot to show his symbolic support for imprisoned Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov. But now that Depp’s previous legal struggles are back in the spotlight, we’re pretty sure he regrets posing like a prisoner for the camera!

Real arrest

Case in point: this 1994 photo shows Depp being arrested for completely trashing his room at New York City’s Mark Hotel. To make the whole thing more absurd, Depp tried to blame the incident on a rampaging armadillo. Shocking us all, the armadillo was never found.

Problematic friend

Johnny Depp is a close personal friend of Marilyn Manson, and the two have even performed songs together. However, the long history of abuse allegations against Manson has really come to light. Given Amber Heard’s accusations that Depp was abusive, photos with other alleged abusers paint him in a negative light.

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Depp’s doodles

This image captures the journal that Depp keeps doodling in during his defamation trial. Some of Depp’s supporters found this very endearing. Others take it as evidence that Depp isn’t taking the most important legal battle of his life very seriously at all.

Lawnchair lounging

No, this isn’t an image from the set of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. This is a picture of Depp absolutely passed out in a lawnchair. It came up during the defamation trial to help prove that Depp likes to party a little too hard.

Depp down

The chair photo is relatively easy to defend. Who hasn’t fallen asleep in a comfy chair? But this photo of Depp passed out on the floor (presumably after partying) is much harder to defend.

Zoning out

Noticing a theme here? This image rounds out the pictures that came up during the defamation trial as proof that Depp irresponsibly uses drugs and alcohol.

Midlife rocking

As we noted before, Depp has been a musician for most of his life. But, bless his heart, this image should be next to “midlife crisis” in just about any dictionary.

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Disheveled Depp

Even when playing wild characters like Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp usually has amazing hair. But this image is proof that even the rich and famous can have a bad hair day.

Getting slimed

Depp looks like he is having a good time. But being covered in slime is not a good look for anyone. Just ask Bill Murray!

Cute kid

Just look at those cheeks! It’s tough to deny that Depp made for a pretty cute kid.

Utterly spaced

In this image outside Planet Hollywood, nobody looks exactly good. But Depp looks like he is deeply curious about how to get back to Earth once he departs this strange new world.

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Crimes against fashion

These days, we only see Depp in the finest tailored suits. Back in the 1990s, though, you could see Depp in the world’s ugliest yellow suit. As an added bonus, it looks about two sizes too big for him!

Graduating high school

Depp’s high school graduation photos contain many baffling choices. This includes the loose turtleneck, the thousand-yard stare, and the (admittedly adorable) doggo!