How the Trump Children Live Like American Royalty

Once, famous author F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote that rich people “are different from you and me.” Fellow famous author Ernest Hemingway allegedly had a quick, sarcastic response to that statement: “Yes, they have more money.”

When we examine the famous children of former president Donald Trump, it’s hard to shake the feeling that Fitzgerald and Hemingway were both right in their own ways. Sure, their wealth may be the primary way that these kids are different from everyone else. But considering that they use their wealth to live like American royalty, it’s perfectly fair to say their lives are very different from anyone else.

Just how different are we talking? Keep reading to discover how the Trump children live like America’s own kings and queens!

From pricey real estate to lavish vacations

No king or queen is complete without their castle, and the Trump children live in large, expensive estates that are downright palatial. For example, Variety reports that Donald Trump Jr. spent a cool $4.4 million on a 3.9-acre Bridgehampton property. Similarly, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner bought a home in Kalorama, an area where Zillow reports the average home costs $1.39 million.

One reason why the children may feel the need to spend so much money on these immaculate estates is that, from a very young age, even their vacation lodging would put most mansions to shame. As reported by Forbes, Eric Trump and the rest of the kids grew up spending weekends and summers in Seven Springs, a 50,000-foot Westchester mansion with three pools and its own bowling alley. And these days, grown children can kick back and spend time at Donald Trump’s 20,000-foot Mar-a-Lago estate complete with delightfully-tacky furnishings such as gold-plated sinks.

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Ivanka spends a small fortune on self-maintenance

Sometimes, the biggest flex from the Trump children is how much money they spend on very basic things. Perhaps the best example of this is Ivanka Trump. The Daily Mail reports that on one occasion, she ended up spending a whopping $1,100 for nothing more than a haircut and highlights. That may sound insane, but it’s important to know that Ivanka has been pampered by a life of luxury from a very young age.

For example, when Ivanka gave an interview to New Beauty, she mentioned that she got her first manicure at the age of seven at the Ritz Club in Paris. As she points out in the interview, this is “the most luxurious in the entire city.” Since she was spoiled like that at such a young age, it was inevitable that her self-maintenance costs would only grow fancier and more expensive over time.

Tiffany the party girl

Most people know less about Tiffany Trump than the other Trump kids, and that’s just how she likes it. As the only child of Donald Trump and Marla Maples, Tiffany likes to keep a much lower profile, which is one of the reasons that she didn’t work either in The Trump Organization or in The White House during her father’s presidency. But when it comes to partying out on the town, a “low-profile” is the last thing she keeps!

The New York Times reports that Tiffany is a proud member of “The Snap Pack,” a group of wealthy people that love to go for nights out in New York while snapping killer pictures they later share via Snapchat and Instagram. And she rides quite deep, requiring a three-vehicle convoy to escort her from one party destination to another.

It’s bad enough when she parties in America, but things got really price when her father was president and Tiffany decided to go party in places like Berlin and Servia, trips which each ended up costing taxpayers over $22,000 due to Secret Service protection.

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Junior’s taxpayer-funded hunting trips

One of the more unpopular hobbies of Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. is going on exotic hunting trips around the world. Most of this controversy stems from the idea of hunting animals such as elephants for no other reason than to kill them. But on one memorable occasion, the controversy stemmed from the fact that taxpayers were stuck with quite the hunting bill.

As reported by Crew, he took a hunting trip to Mongolia that ended up costing taxpayers almost $75,000. Considering that Junior ended up getting others to foot the bill for a violent hobby just because he is passionate about it, we think it’s fair to say this Trump is used to having downright royal privileges compared to the average person. 

Barron Trump had his own penthouse floor and motorcade escort

Barron Trump is also a reclusive Trump child, though this owes more to his young age and his parents’ understandable desire to shield him from media scrutiny. However, one thing we do know is that Barron, like his siblings, is accustomed to living like American royalty.

According to People, Barron had his own entire floor in the family penthouse at Trump Tower before he moved to the White House. If that’s not lavish enough, TMZ reports that Barron had his own personal motorcade escort him to school each morning in New York. We can only imagine he was treated as a prince when he walked the halls of the expensive and exclusive Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School.

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