Where the Kennedy Grandchildren Are Now

When you imagine American political dynasties, no family quite fits that description like the Kennedys. President John F. Kennedy and his brother Attorney General Robert Kennedy left their mark on politics and on their country in ways that we are still feeling today.

Tragically, both of these leaders’ lives ended in assassination. But the Kennedy dynasty did not end with their deaths. JFK had three children and RFK had 11 children. Between them, they have many grandchildren who have grown up and are leaving their mark on the world today.

But what, exactly, are the Kennedy grandchildren up to now? Many of them are thriving. Some, sadly, have passed away too soon, perpetuating the belief in a “Kennedy curse.” Here is the full story on each and every Kennedy grandchild.

Tatiana Schlossberg

Tatiana Schlossberg, 30, is JFK’s granddaughter and Caroline Kennedy’s daughter. She seemed destined to become a journalist and an activist. Soon after graduating Yale, she landed an internship and then a job at The New York Times, where she wrote about environmental issues. In 2019, she published a book on climate change called Inconspicuous Consumption: The Environmental Impact You Don’t Know You Have.

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Rose Schlossberg

At 32, Rose Schlossberg is the oldest of JFK’s grandchildren, and Tatiana’s sister. She earned a degree from Harvard in English and a master’s from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in the Interactive Telecommunications Program.

What has she been doing with those degrees? Polishing her comedic skills! Schlossberg wrote a web series called End Times Girls Club that skewers the world of beauty and makeup tutorials during an actual apocalypse.

Joe Kennedy III

Some grandchildren do their own thing, while others follow in the family’s footsteps. Joe Kennedy III, 40, is Robert Kennedy’s grandchild, and he is continuing the family business with his political career.

He was elected to Massachusetts’ fourth Congressional district in 2012. There, he established a record of hard work and service, though time will tell if his political ambitions reach any higher. His service as a congressman ended in January 2021. Since then, he’s been working as a commentator for CNN.

Jack Schlossberg

Caroline Kennedy’s son Jack Schlossberg, 28, has the distinction of being JFK’s only grandson. And he has carried on his grandfather’s legacy of asking himself what he can do for his country.

To this end, he helped found ReLight New York, a company providing lighting solutions for low-income communities, when he was only in eighth grade. And at Yale, Schlossberg hosted the Profile in Courage Award in 2014, and presented an award to President George H. W. Bush. Despite his own Democratic leanings, Schlossberg thought it important to honor the elder Bush for his service to his country.

Matthew Rauch Kennedy

Matthew Rauch Kennedy is actually the twin brother of Joe Kennedy III. But he doesn’t have the same political ambitions as his younger (by a whole eight minutes) brother.

While Matthew helped behind the scenes with his brother’s campaign, he has now left politics altogether. Now, he serves as a partner at InfraLinx Capital.

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Mariah and Cara Kennedy Cuomo

Speaking of twins, twin sisters Mariah and Cara Kennedy Cuomo, 26, are the granddaughters of Robert Kennedy. Both of them ended up pursuing an Ivy League education (Mariah graduated from Brown and Cara from Harvard).

Nowadays, Mariah serves as a digital strategist for Fortune 500 companies as well as companies at Teneo. In turn, Cara is an associate at 17 Asset Management.

Michaela Kennedy Cuomo

Many of Robert Kennedy’s grandchildren have pursued activism of some stripe or another. And Michaela Kennedy Cuomo, 23, has shown us how unconventional that activism can be.

For example, she raised money for sexual assault awareness by creating some slightly scandalous t-shirts. These shirts had messages such as, “My having a good a** does not give you a right to be one.”

In addition to raising awareness, she hopes the shirts help change our conversations surrounding sex and sexuality.

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Kick Kennedy

Many of Robert Kennedy’s grandchildren have focused on specific causes or careers. But Kathleen “Kick” Kennedy, 32, wants to do a little bit of everything.

As an actress, she has appeared on shows like Gossip Girl and Newsroom, though she seems to have given up on acting back in 2014.

She’s also a philanthropist and publisher who edits for Town and Country Magazine and also works as engagement director at Kennedy for Illinois.

Robert (Bobby) Kennedy III

Out of all of Robert Kennedy’s grandchildren, Robert (Bobby) Kennedy III, 36, may be the most artistic. He is a writer, director, and producer who focuses on his major passion projects.

His latest documentary, released in 2020, is called Freak Power: The Battle of Aspen. It is about writer Hunter S. Thompson’s attempts to become the sheriff of Pitkin County, Colorado. 

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Conor Kennedy

Most of these Kennedy grandchildren have worked hard to escape the shadow of their famous grandparents. But Robert Kennedy’s grandson Conor Kennedy is working harder to escape the shadow of a celebrity fling.

While he has been a political protester and environmental activist, most people know Conor, 26, for his brief relationship with Taylor Swift back in 2012.

More recently, he founded and directs a company called Deerfield Foods that tries to provide healthy, low-cost meals to residents of Massachusetts.

Kyra Kennedy

There is something about being rich and famous that makes people say and do the weirdest things. And that is something that Kyra Kennedy, 25, discovered at an early age.

At 19, she was refused entry to a club because she was underage. And PageSix reported that she said, “I am a Kennedy, Google me. If you don’t let me in, the governor will be calling.”

One year later, after New York Magazine blogger Allie Jones criticized Kyra about her Instagram account, Kyra posted a threatening message under a photo of Jones on Instagram. It read, “I can play games too b****.”

Word is that her dad Robert Kennedy Jr. basically banned her from social media after that stunt. With any luck, Kyra is now a bit wiser about what she says and does.

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Kyle, Rory, and Michael Kennedy Jr.

Kyle (36), Rory (52), and Michael Kennedy Jr. (38) are all grandchildren of Robert Kennedy. They all received an impressive education. Kyle graduated from Harvard and Georgetown, Michael from Stanford and Georgetown, and Rory from Georgetown.

Tragically, their father Michael LeMoyne Kennedy passed away in 1997 in a skiing accident at the age of 39.

Aidan and William Finbar ‘Finn’ Kennedy

When it comes to grandchildren of Robert Kennedy, Aidan and William Finbar “Finn” Kennedy are still a bit young to have made their mark. They are the youngest children of Robert Kennedy Jr. and Mary Kennedy.

Finn, 24, graduated from Brown and serves as a Bailey Capital analyst. Meanwhile, Aidan, 21, is still trying to figure out what he wants to do with the rest of his life.

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Anthony Boru Kennedy

Of course, being young doesn’t mean that you can’t make headlines. But those headlines aren’t always for positive things!

For example, Robert Kennedy’s grandson Anthony Boru Kennedy, 9, made headlines when he was only two days old. That was when his father Douglas Harriman Kennedy tried to take the child for a walk outside of the maternity ward.

Hospital nurses tried to stop him, since this was against hospital policy, and claimed that he physically assaulted them. The elder Kennedy was charged with child endangerment and physical harassment. He was later acquitted of all charges.

Saoirse Kennedy Hill

It seems the Kennedy family often deals with tragedy. And the death of Saoirse Kennedy Hill is one more tragedy we can add to a sadly long list.

Saoirse was the only child of Robert Kennedy’s daughter Caroline Kennedy Hill. She attended boarding school at Deerfield Academy and, while there, wrote about her struggles with depression for the Deerfield Scroll.

On August 1, 2019, she was found unresponsive and then pronounced dead at Cape Cod hospital, at the age of 22. Authorities later ruled that she died of an accidental overdose. It is unknown whether the drug use or the overdosing was a result of her ongoing battles with depression.

Maeve, Kerry, Rose Katherine, and Meaghan Kennedy Townsend

Kerry, Rose Katherine (“Kat”), Meaghan, and Maeve Kennedy Townsend are the daughters of Robert Kennedy’s daughter Kathleen Kennedy Townsend.

Kerry, 29, studied medicine at George Washington University and served as an intern for the White House Office of Health Reform.

Katherine, 37, has done a little bit of everything (including architecture, photography, sketching, painting) and once expressed immense interests in the field of communications infrastructure.

Meaghan, 43, works as a yoga instructor.

Tragically, Maeve, 40, and her son Gideon, 8, passed away in April 2020. They had gone canoeing in Maryland, and their deaths were ruled an accidental drowning.

Maeve and Gideon’s untimely deaths have continued the story of the “Kennedy curse,” the sad coincidence that so many lives of the Kennedy family have been cut short too soon. But life goes on for the others in the face of tragedy.