Major Celebrities Who Decided to Live off the Grid

What does it mean to be rich and famous? For many celebrities, this means living where the action is so they can make a big splash out on the town whenever they leave the house.

However, there are plenty of celebrities who use their wealth to basically live off the grid. As famous as they are in the worlds of film, TV, and music, these are the celebs who just want some peace and quiet at the end of the day.

Which celebs are we talking about? Here is the breakdown of our favorite celebs who have mastered living off the grid!

George Clooney

For some of the celebrities on our list, moving and living abroad is a relatively new move. But not for George Clooney, who has lived in Italy for many years.

Clooney and his family have a breathtaking 30-room mansion directly on scenic Lake Cuomo. There, they can enjoy the stunning views without worrying about photos from any wandering paparazzi.

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Adele is famous for lyrics like “Hello from the other side.” However, this pretty accurately describes her current living arrangements!

The famous singer lives in an expansive cottage in a London suburb. Instead of living in the city proper, she likes her privacy as a way to disconnect from the world and also get her creative juices flowing.

Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson has a well-earned reputation for being a very down-to-earth guy. And he manages to live in a way that helps give back to the planet!

Harrelson has a large estate in Maui, Hawaii that helps give him the privacy he craves. But what is notable about the home is that it is powered by solar panels. This home, along with Harrelson’s biofuel-powered car and vegan diet, makes him one of the most environmentally-conscious celebs.

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Sandra Bullock

You may notice that many American celebrities like to flock to major estates on the East or West Coast. However, Sandra Bullock never got that particular memo!

Instead, she has lived in a beautiful home in New Orleans since 2009. And while New Orleans isn’t exactly the middle of nowhere, living there gives Bullock much more privacy than she would get in a paparazzi city like Los Angeles.

Wiz Khalifa

Many fans were expecting Wiz Khalifa to set himself up in a major metropolitan area. After all, once he signed a major record deal with Atlantic Records, this hip-hop star could live just about anywhere in the world.

Interestingly, he decided to purchase a 4,000 square foot home in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. He can always travel 18 miles to Pittsburg if he needs to visit a bigger city, but he otherwise enjoys the privacy that comes from living in a quieter area.

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Shania Twain

Shania Twain is an icon of country music, with many songs describing the cultural quirks of life and romance within the U.S. Which is why it’s so interesting that she opted to live in Switzerland!

Instead of living as music royalty in the States, Twain bought a home in the absolutely beautiful town of La Tour-de-Peliz in Switzerland. It’s a scenic area with plenty of culture, and she can keep a low profile wherever she goes.

Johnny Depp

Why do some of these celebs crave privacy so much? For actors like Johnny Depp, it’s good to have a private sanctuary to escape to when you’re making all the wrong kinds of headlines.

And Depp has homes in remote areas of Florida, Kentucky, and even southern France. His latest acquisition is a tiny cottage in the Bahamas, which is about the last place you’d expect a major Hollywood celebrity to hang his hat.

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Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is nothing less than a Hollywood powerhouse. Because of this, fans might have expected her to live in Los Angeles so she can be closer to the action.

Instead, she moved to a lovely home in a suburb of Malibu. This puts her close enough to the world of Hollywood while still giving her plenty of space to spend time with her family.

Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton has made a career out of placing very eccentric characters. And it turns out, the actor is just as eccentric when it comes to finding a place to live.

Keaton spent much of his career disliking the idea of living in a big city. Instead, he lives on a nice ranch out in Montana. This gives him and his family a chance to enjoy hobbies such as fishing, camping, and hiking. And while it’s tough to imagine Batman going fishing, Keaton makes it look quite natural!

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Tina Turner

Maybe these famous singers know something the rest of us don’t? Like Shania Twain, music legend Tina Turner decided to move to Switzerland.

She lives in an ivory-colored mansion that offers plenty of room and plenty of privacy. But the best part? Turner’s home is next to Lake Zurich, giving her a stunning view every time she looks out the window!

David Letterman

Sometimes, it’s tough to picture David Letterman outside of New York City. After all, The Late Show With David Letterman always had backgrounds to remind you of the urban environment outside his studio.

In his heart, though, Letterman prefers living far off the grid. Once he left his show behind, Letterman moved his family to Montana. And he looks far happier there than he ever looked in front of a fake city backdrop!

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