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Trustworthy Ways To Donate To Ukraine Relief Efforts

Most of us wake up every day and check how Ukraine is doing fighting off the russian invasion. It is nothing short of heartbreaking to hear about the many victims of this war, including civilian men, women, and children. And it’s tough not to feel powerless when you are half a world away and simply wishing there was something you could do.

No matter where you live, the easiest way to support Ukraine is to make donations to the country’s relief efforts. But it can be difficult to tell the real donation sites from various online scams. And the last thing you want to do is spend your money and have it not actually reach Ukraine.

That’s why we compiled a list of safe, trustworthy places where you can donate to Ukraine relief efforts. You can make a donation secure in the knowledge that the money will get to where it needs to go.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can help!

Ukraine’s Official Donation Page

This is the Ukrainian government’s official website about the war and how to support Ukraine. It’s the best way to donate money directly to Ukraine and also learn more about how the war is going. The site also offers other ways for you to help that range from writing news about the war to even volunteering for the Foreign Legion.

Come Back Alive

Come Back Alive is a Ukrainian charity formed back in 2014. They primarily support the armed forces of Ukraine with its defense and medical needs, and that has never been more important than it is now. By donating, you can make a direct impact on Ukraine’s military defense of their country against the russian invasion.

Come Back Alive does not use funds for arms. Instead, donations are used to help provide the Ukrainian army with defensive technology and equipment like laptops, lights, photo equipment, and cables. Come Back Alive also helps provide medical assistance to soldiers.

Red Cross in Ukraine

You are likely very familiar with the Red Cross and what they do. And the Red Cross in Ukraine is doing its part in order to help the people within the country that have been affected by the war. Red Cross also does a lot to mobilize volunteers, help with emergency activities, and even help with blood collection (important for those injured during the war).

GlobalGiving’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

The Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund by GlobalGiving supports humanitarian assistance in impacted communities in Ukraine and surrounding regions where Ukrainian refugees have fled. Donations will be used to provide shelter, water, and food, as well as health and psychosocial support and economic assistance to those in need.

World Central Kitchen

The World Central Kitchen offers very specialized relief efforts in Ukraine. As the name implies, this charity provides fresh, hot meals to disaster areas. They are currently working inside Ukraine and in surrounding nations, and your donation can help provide much-needed food security for those affected by the war.

Keep Ukraine’s Media Going

Keep Ukraine’s Media Going is a GoFundMe fundraiser devoted to a very important purpose: protecting local media coverage of war in Ukraine. We only know about russia’s horrific actions because of the brave journalists who have reported on them. By donating today, you can do your part to fight russian disinformation campaigns and keep the country’s media going.

Voices of Children

As we said before, there is something especially heartbreaking about hearing of different children hurt and killed in the fight against russia. The Voices of Children charity focuses on providing psychological support for Ukrainian children affected by the war. By donating, you can help to provide mobile psychologists, art therapy services, video stories, and other support services to children who have lived and continue to live through unthinkable tragedy.

Kyiv School of Economics’ Humanitarian Aid Campaign

It may seem surprising to see the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) on this list. However, the KSE Charitable Foundation has partnered with Ukrainian businesses and state-owned companies to launch a direct humanitarian aid campaign for Ukraine, to purchase first aid kits, food supplies, transportation and protective gear. These will go directly to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Ukrainian Paramedic Association, and the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces – mostly civilians who have volunteered in their country’s time of need –  to shield them against russian aggression.

Protective kits include things like helmets and bulletproof vests, so you can rest assured that any money you donate is helping to keep someone living through a war zone alive.

Humanity & Inclusion

Humanity & Inclusion focuses on providing assistance to those with disabilities in areas with extreme poverty, major conflict, and other unexpected disasters. The group is now in Ukraine and helping with everything from distributing medical equipment where it is needed to offering mental health and physical care to those affected by the war. And when you donate, you’ll be helping to provide emergency kits, physical rehabilitation, and mental health services.

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders is famous for providing medical services in areas facing emergencies all around the world. They have traditionally helped out in places like Haiti and Yemen, and they are now in Ukraine and doing everything they can to help support those who need medical assistance. By donating, you can help Doctors Without Borders in Ukraine and around the world to help those who might not have anyone else to provide for their medical needs.