The Craziest Things Laura Ingraham Has Ever Said About Joe Biden

Laura Ingraham has been one of Donald Trump’s strongest defenders. Unsurprisingly, this has transformed her into one of Joe Biden’s strongest critics.

Every now and then, these criticisms veer into the territory of conspiracy theories. Each one is a bit weirder than the one before. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to discover the wildest things Ingraham has ever said about Biden!

She thinks Biden should be on trial

Even as they head towards another presidential showdown, the most notable thing about the contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is that the former could very well run for president from a jail cell or otherwise dealing with the fallout from his current legal drama. Unsurprisingly, Laura Ingraham doesn’t think Trump should be on trial, but in a wild twist, she thinks that Biden should be the one taking the witness stand.

Par for the course when it comes to crazy Ingraham claims is that what she said was simultaneously vague and completely unproven. For example, she blames Biden for somehow causing destruction throughout the country with his liberal policies and that he somehow lied about his national promises. If nothing else, Ingraham’s claims point out one of the main reasons Biden isn’t on trial: he would need to be charged for something more specific than bad vibes.

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The classified document conspiracy

The longer you listen to Laura Ingraham, the more conspiracy theories you will be exposed to. Increasingly, those theories concern President Biden, and some are a bit more outlandish than others. One of her biggest conspiracies involves Byzantine speculations about some classified documents and Biden’s family business.

This particular conspiracy goes back to when Joe Biden was serving as Vice President for Barack Obama. After it was discovered that Joe Biden had about two dozen classified documents in his own possession, Ingraham pounced on the apparent similarities between Biden and Donald Trump (who notably had 300 classified documents in his own possession). 

Where this claim got a bit weirder is when Ingraham alleged that Biden was somehow being shady about these classified documents because it would somehow help his family profit from corruption. Once again, Ingraham dropped a provocative theory without really substantiating it, which is one of the primary ways she throws red meat to her fiercest supporters.

The Kazakhstan conspiracy

A notable thing about Laura Ingraham’s conspiracy theories is that they often began with the weirdest and most inexplicable connections. For example, she at one point seized on Joe Biden’s decision to declare a national monument in the Grand Canyon at one point in order to protect the sacred lands in that area. This was meant to be a humanitarian decision, but Ingraham somehow thought the gesture implied a tight relationship between Joe Biden and Kazakhstan.

How, exactly, did she arrive at this claim? She criticized Biden for making it harder to mine uranium on the aforementioned sacred lands. Ingraham went on to discuss how vital that uranium is to developing nuclear power and that Biden was doing all of this to secure the resources and power of Kazakhstan, a country his son Hunter has some shady connections to. As usual, she had no proof of these major accusations.

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Accusing Biden of being anti-American

Somewhere along the way, Laura Ingraham went all-in on Donald Trump. Supporting the former president meant embracing his slogan, the biggest of which is Make America Great Again. Since Trump tries to levy support by presenting himself as a very patriotic presidential contender, it isn’t much of a surprise that Ingraham went out of her way to paint Joe Biden as anti-American.

Her so-called evidence for this claim ranged from the usual vague accusations to some very specific bigotry. For example, some of her claims were simply that Biden wants to destroy the country and that he hates all things America. More specifically, she claims that Biden’s support of both gun control and pro-LGBTQ+ measures are the kinds of things that “no one who really loved America” would support.

She also had some criticisms of how Biden handled the COVID-19 pandemic. Presumably, those claims might have gotten a bit more traction if she was willing to acknowledge Trump’s own mistakes as he presided over the initial pandemic. Whenever Ingraham comes across as a partisan cheerleader for only one side, it makes her criticisms—even the ones with the occasional basis in reality—a bit easier to understand.

Blaming Biden for increased gun violence

The normal political conceit is that Democrats focus on controlling guns through legislation and that Republicans focus more on the gun-related freedoms promised by the Second Amendment. Interestingly, though, Laura Ingraham claims that Joe Biden actually managed to increase gun violence, and it didn’t have anything to do with legislation.

According to Ingraham, Biden’s support of Black Lives Matter inadvertently increased gun violence. She claimed that the president’s public support of BLM was actually nothing more than an attempt to make Republicans look bad. That sounds like the political mudslinging that has become far too common, but she built on this by further claiming that Biden’s support of BLM protests she characterized as “riots” actually led to increased gun sales and consequent gun violence.

There was nothing really to substantiate this, of course. However, any proof that might emerge could disrupt Biden’s reputation as someone who is deeply invested in reducing gun violence.

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