Michelle Obama’s Most Embarrassing Moments Captured On Camera

For the most part, Michelle Obama is remembered for being an amazing First Lady. In addition to supporting Barack Obama during his two terms as president, Michelle oversaw a number of programs, including a healthy eating initiative aimed at making school meals healthier. Along the way, she also became a fashion icon whose style and grace were only matched by her sense of humor and beautiful smile.

However, Michelle Obama was always under constant media scrutiny, and that meant that cameras captured some of her most embarrassing moments. The cameras also captured some hilarious moments that cemented Michelle’s place as our favorite FLOTUS. Just which moments were embarrassing and which were hilarious, and how will they forever change how you view this famous First Lady? Keep reading to find out!

Getting silly with Jimmy Fallon

It seems that Michelle Obama quickly learned one lesson from being famous: it’s hard for people to make fun of you when you’re busy making fun of yourself. That’s presumably why she often had such a self-deprecating sense of humor in her media appearances, but her dance moves with Jimmy Fallon took this to the next level.

She first appeared on Fallon’s show in 2013 and made us laugh by demonstrating her dance moves. The gag was that these were all “mom dance moves,” so everything was named after the actions of homemakers, including “Go Shopping, Get Groceries.” She came back for a repeat performance in 2015 and showed off some more hilarious dance moves. The most surprising thing about these media appearances, though, is how effortlessly she stole the spotlight from professional funnyman Jimmy Fallon!

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Nightmare shopping trip with Ellen DeGeneres

Michelle Obama frequently made guest appearances on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, and the two women seem to have a very solid friendship. However, that might have changed after DeGeneres took the other woman on a shopping trip to CVS and ended up making both of them look like absolute fools.

The intended gag was that Michelle Obama was out of touch from years of living in the White House and would need DeGeneres to help her transition back into normal life. That might sound funny on paper, but the trip had several awkward moments, including Ellen opening up products she hadn’t paid for, attacking employees with a backscratcher, and yelling at the entire store via megaphone.

Soon into the skit, we began to question how much of Michelle Obama’s apparent discomfort was an act and how much of it was genuine embarrassment at everything DeGeneres was doing and saying!

Giftgate, courtesy of Donald and Melania Trump

One of the most uncomfortable Michelle Obama moments ever caught on camera happened during inauguration day 2017. She and Barack Obama were leaving the White House while Donald and Melania Trump were moving in. The Trumps ended up making things very uncomfortable for Michelle, but not on purpose…in fact, it was their honest attempt to be courteous that ended up putting Michelle in a bind!

With the cameras rolling, Melania Trump decided to give Michelle Obama a farewell present in the form of a big blue box from Tiffany’s. The box was lovely, and Michelle later reported it contained an equally lovely frame, but she clearly wasn’t expecting to receive a gift. The cameras captured Michelle’s complete confusion as to what she was supposed to do with the box before Barack Obama took it from her, doing his best to keep an unintentionally awkward moment from getting even weirder.

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The eye-roll seen around the world

Believe it or not, that strange incident with the Trumps wasn’t the most notorious Michelle Obama moment captured on that inauguration day. The next moment occurred when she was seated near John Boehner, a Republican who had frequently clashed horns with Barack Obama. While he and Barack were talking, the cameras caught the unmistakable moment when Michelle Obama turned away from the man while rolling her eyes.

Just what was it that prompted such a response from Michelle Obama? A professional lip-reader told Inside Edition that Boehner asked former smoker Barack if he could sneak in a pre-lunch cigarette. Obviously referring to Michelle, he said “somebody won’t let you do it,” prompting Michelle’s hilarious response.

Sneaking sweets from George Bush

You might expect the Democrat FLOTUS Michelle Obama and Republican President George W. Bush to not get along very well. In reality, the two seem to have a friendship that transcends politics. Strangely enough, the best example of this occurred during the funeral of George H.W. Bush.

As he was walking into the funeral, the younger Bush looked very solemn, and he was equally stately when shaking the hands of people like Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. In a fun “blink and you miss it” moment, George W. Bush smuggled some candy to Michelle Obama, prompting Bush’s wife Lara to start grinning.

This moment becomes even funnier when you realize that George W. Bush and Michelle Obama often sit together at such functions. Previously, Bush gave Michelle a cough drop during John McCain’s funeral, and she later humorously described Bush to Today as her “partner in crime at every major thing where all the formers gather.”

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