The Most Scandalous Outfits Ever Worn By Tiffany Trump

Tiffany Trump often seems like she’s getting the worst of both worlds. For example, she was mostly raised on the West Coast, meaning that she never got the time or attention from her famous father that his other children got. And as Donald Trump brought his other children along into his political career (something that was very profitable), Tiffany Trump always looked like she was getting left behind.

Even though Tiffany doesn’t benefit that much from the Trump name, it’s still enough to land her in trouble. For example, when she wears a scandalous outfit, it does more than cause a bit of personal embarrassment. These particular “wardrobe malfunctions” also generate headlines around the world that make her and the rest of her family look bad.

Don’t believe it? Strap yourself in: we’re about to take a deeper look into the most scandalous outfits ever worn by Tiffany Trump!

A cringe-worthy see-through top

On a sliding scale, people tend to view Tiffany as a tamer Trump. For example, it’s an open secret that Melania Trump is the only First Lady of the United States that has ever posed nude for a magazine. Compared to that, we can usually expect Tiffany to dress much more conservatively.

Back in 2018, though, Tiffany apparently didn’t get that memo. According to the Mirror, Tiffany went out in July for a special night in London with her mother, Marla Maples. At first, she wore a light blue suit that captured the perfect vibe of “cute but conservative.” It was only when this jacket came off, though, that Tiffany started making headlines!

That’s because she was wearing a blouse that was completely see-through, and she had the goods on full display once the jacket was off. And while very few people have an objection to a night of partying, it’s downright embarrassing that Tiffany turned a trip to London into her international burlesque debut.

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Trying to be twinsies with Ivanka

Depending on who you talk to, Tiffany Trump seems to have a kind of “frenemy” relationship with Ivanka Trump. For example, one of Tiffany’s friends confided to Vanity Fair that Tiffany really looks to Ivanka for tips, including “politics advice, boy advice, and sisterly advice.” However, The Mercury News reports that in former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s tell-all book Disloyal: A Memoir, he claims that Ivanka joined in her family’s “casual cruelty” towards Tiffany. This is because she “jealously guarded her position as Trump’s favorite and surrogate, even at the expense of her vulnerable younger sister.”

All of this context is important to understand how awkward it was when Tiffany and Ivanka showed up to daddy’s inauguration basically wearing the same outfit. Whether these gals love or hate each other, Tiffany trying to crib Ivanka’s look was just downright sad to watch.

A romper so short she gave everyone a show

Ever have that awkward moment where you’re dressed to go to the beach but you need to run some errands first? Well, Ivanka experienced that exact thing back in 2017 and ended up giving reporters more of a look at her body than she ever intended.

At the time, Tiffany was wearing a short, tight romper with no straps. It’s a perfect fit for the beach, and many assumed she was on her way to the Hamptons. However, she hit a newsstand and grabbed a smoothie before heading to the car. That was when the Daily Mail captured photos revealing just how short Tiffany’s romper really was. So short, in fact, it seemed like Tiffany was trying to personally redefine the term “cheeky!”

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Tiffany Trump tries to cosplay a British person

Not all of Tiffany’s wardrobe scandals involved her showing too much skin. Some of them, in fact, involved her revealing herself to be very, very dorky!

One of the best examples of this comes from when she and the rest of her crew visited Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family in 2019. The Guardian covered the story and noted how Tiffany Trump seems to have gone out of her way to wear a kind of British costume. “Tiffany appears to have typed ‘Jane Austen World Book Day costume’ into the Amazon search bar and came up with an evening gown in a shade of claret that gave her the vibe of a midwestern bridesmaid who is, like, really into ‘Downton Abbey.'”

When the British press is this good at dealing out sick burns, it’s easy to see why Meghan Markle packed her bags and came back to America.

Accidentally making Donald Trump look like more of a fool

Tiffany Trump’s relationship with her father waxed and waned during his time in politics. For example, when Donald was still campaigning for the presidency, Tiffany Trump often appeared at rallies and other functions to support her father. But during one notable debate in 2016, she accidentally undermined one of Donald Trump’s biggest talking points.

During the debate, Donald Trump preached fire and brimstone about Chinese manufacturers effectively stealing American jobs and lowering the value of the United States dollar. Just one problem: Tiffany was in the audience wearing a dress made by Chinese designer Wang Tao (better known as Taoray Wang).

To be fair, the dress itself is very beautiful. But Tiffany wore it at the wrong time and place and ended up showing the world how hollow Donald Trump’s political posturing really was. After all, if he can’t keep his own family from buying Chinese goods, how would he ever be to keep the American public from doing so?

Interestingly, Donald Trump recently announced he would run for president again in 2024. If nothing else, we can’t wait to see what wild looks Tiffany will likely bring to the campaign trail!

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