Photos of Barron Trump With His Mother Cause a Stir

Normally, sightings of a Trump family member aren’t that uncommon. Donald Trump himself still makes many campaign rallies, seemingly hoping to overcome his many legal challenges and secure the presidency in 2024. Other Trump family members are common sights at these rallies and around the world as they travel to different events.

The one exception to this is Barron Trump. This youngest member of Donald Trump’s family has done a very good job at keeping a low profile for himself. And that means that when he does make an appearance, the whole world notices!

This happened recently when Barron appeared in photos alongside his mother, Melania Trump. But what were Barron and Melania doing, and why did it cause such a stir? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Keeping Barron out of the spotlight

Donald Trump was already a household name when he announced that he was running for president. As his presidential run gained steam and Trump eventually won the 2016 presidential election, most of the rest of his family became household names as well.

While this technically included Barron Trump, he did his best to stay out of the spotlight. And he had a lot of help from Melania Trump. It was Melania that insisted that she and Barron stay in New York rather than move into the White House right away. This allowed Barron to finish his school year there without any further disruption. 

In fact, Melania explained her own position quite clearly in a 2016 interview with ABC News. That was when she explained how she wanted to “just have him a childhood as normal as possible” and that “I just want to have him — out of the spotlight for now.”

Eventually, both Barron and Melania moved into the White House, but this didn’t really increase Barron’s public appearances. In fact, it took him very little time to functionally become the White House recluse!

The recluse of the Trump family

Once at the White House, Barron Trump didn’t pop up for as many family appearances as his parents and siblings did. And the appearances he did make were often unpredictable. For example, we might see Barron pop up for events such as the White House Easter egg roll or the solar eclipse. Between these events, though, there would be months without a public sighting.

What does Barron do when staying out of the spotlight, though? One possibility is that he is just chilling out on his computer, like most teenage boys. According to the U.S. Sun, Donald Trump seemed to say as much in a 2022 CPAC Speech when he told the crowd that Barron “can make his computer sing.”

While Barron clearly enjoys playing on his computer, he has other interests as well. And this includes a major love of sports!

A sports star behind the scenes?

A love of sports is surprisingly common in the Trump family. Donald Trump, of course, famously loves playing golf. And back in his college days, Donald Trump was a baseball player who swears he very nearly went pro.

As for Barron, he seems to be a chip off the old block when it comes to athletic skills. Unlike Donald, Barron Trump is not really into baseball. And despite his great height, basketball does nothing for him. Instead, The Sun reports that Barron loves to play soccer!

However, Barron and Donald may be able to talk shop about a different sport: golf. One source told People that earlier this year, father and son played a full 18 holes of golf at the Trump International Golf Club. Only time will tell if Barron grows to love that sport as much as his dad does.

A new life and a staggering height

After Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, he and his family had to move out of the White House. Choosing where to go was simple enough: the Trump clan decided to move to Mar-a-Lago, a favorite vacation spot of Donald Trump himself.

This brought some major lifestyle changes for Barron Trump. For example, when he lived in Washington, D.C., Barron attended school at the prestigious Saint Andrew’s School. Now that he lives in Mar-a-Lago, Barron attends another prestigious school (albeit one that has been plagued by scandals): Oxbridge Academy.

The academy is private and Barron is guarded by Secret Service officers, and this means we still don’t see many public appearances. However, last year, Barron and his mother Melania were spotted shopping together in New York City. Once people saw the two of them standing side-by-side, it was clear that Barron was downright towering over his mother!

To really appreciate Barron’s height in this photo, keep in mind that, at 5’11”, Melania Trump is not exactly short. But Barron’s own 6’7” height makes her look tiny.

This past year, there have been few public sightings of Barron. Now, we are left with one big question: just how tall will he be the next time we see him?