8 Surprising Facts About Donald Trump’s Marriage

Between his wild Twitter antics and even wilder political scandals, President Donald Trump is always full of surprises. However, the biggest surprises may be happening behind closed doors with his marriage.

Donald and Melania Trump have one of the most unpredictable marriages in the history of the presidency. And rumors runs rampant that the Trumps have a marriage of convenience. Here are the eight most surprising facts about Donald and Melania Trump’s marriage.

8 Surprising Facts About Donald Trump's Marriage | InstantHub

1. Melania Basically Raises Their Son Alone

Many people wonder how the president can juggle running the country with running his family. How does he find the time to raise a son amid all of his duties? As it turns out, Melania may be basically raising their son Barron Trump alone.

In a recent press conference about vaping, Trump mentioned Barron in the most peculiar way. He mentioned Melania’s involvement in the anti-vaping movement by saying, “That’s how the first lady got involved. She’s got a son.”

Quickly catching his blunder, Trump added the word “together” to his statement. However, the damage was done. This led to speculation that Trump sees Barron as Melania’s responsibility rather than a child they are raising together.

2. The Trumps Don’t Celebrate Their Anniversary

For better or for worse, Donald Trump is the most social media-friendly president in history. He is known for his extensive use of Twitter, and we can often tell a lot about his mind and moods by what he does (and does not) tweet about.

That’s why it was so notable that he made no social media posts about his January 22, 2019 anniversary with Melania. Her own social media was also silent. And it’s not like they were just off of social media that day.

To be fair, this may have been an image thing. The government was shut down at the time and had been for a month, so there’s a chance Trump felt personal tweets would have been inappropriate. But given that almost nothing else has been off limits with his posting, it’s understandable to see this as a relationship warning sign.

3. The Trumps Rarely Share a Bed

The Trumps Rarely Share a Bed | 8 Surprising Facts About Donald Trump's Marriage | InstantHub

The bed is a longstanding symbol for the strength of a marriage. That’s why it is so surprising that Donald and Melania Trump rarely share a bed together.

According Life & Style Magazine, the two only share the same bed two or three times per week. Between governmental business and busy travel schedules, the two rarely see each other during the day, much less at night.

Nonetheless, the idea that each member of the couple leads an entirely different life has fueled the ongoing rumors that they only have a marriage of convenience.

4. Melania Doesn’t Care About Donald’s Alleged Affairs

An affair would be a pressure point in any relationship. And you might think it would be that much worse for Melania and Donald Trump when the world found out about Stormy Daniels. As you may remember, she is an adult film star that Donald allegedly had an affair with, only months after Melania gave birth to Barron Trump.

In 2018, ABC asked Melania how she felt about the alleged affair. She said it was “Not a concern and focus of mine” and that she had more important things to worry about.

You could interpret this as her brushing off gossip and standing by her man. Alternately, it might be further proof that she doesn’t care that much about their marriage.

5. Rumors Swirl About a Secret Boyfriend

Rumors Swirl About a Secret Boyfriend | 8 Surprising Facts About Donald Trump's Marriage | InstantHub

In 2017, Perez Hilton reported a series of tweets sent out by novelist Monica Byrne claiming that Melania has a secret boyfriend. Allegedly, this man is Hank Siemers, the head of security for the Tiffany’s located in Trump Tower.

Byrne deleted the tweets, but not before mentioning she hoped it would help with Trump’s “self-destruction.” Because of this (and the lack of other media coverage), many are skeptical of these claims.

6. Melania Distances Herself Amid Calls for Impeachment

Donald Trump is currently facing impeachment and all of the drama that comes with it. This would be the perfect time for Melania to stand by her man… right?

However, despite remaining public, Melania has declined to issue any statements or answer any questions. While this may help her husband control the narrative, it also means that she is choosing silence instead of vocalizing her defense.

Ultimately, Melania is seemingly sticking to focusing on her own life and hoping the latest scandal blows away.

7. Melania was rumored to be making eyes at Justin Trudeau

Melania was rumored to be making eyes at Justin Trudeau | 8 Surprising Facts About Donald Trump's Marriage | InstantHub

Another thing fueling rumors about Donald Trump’s marriage is Melania’s seemingly wandering eyes. For example, some photos of her looking at Canadian leader Justin Trudeau at the 2019 G6 summit went viral because she seemed to be giving him some serious bedroom eyes.

The reality is far simpler. Melania was trying to give Trudeau a chaste air kiss, and it looked unintentionally romantic as a still image.

8. The Trumps’ relationship is not as cold as you think

As you can tell, it’s not hard to assume that Donald and Melania have a very cold relationship. However, the two often manage to surprise even the most cynical critics.

For example, at Australian PM Scott Morrison’s state dinner on September 21, 2019, Donald gave Melania serious praise for her work on that evening’s Rose Garden party. Later, he interrupted his own toast to Morrison to call Melania a “magnificent first lady” who “worked very hard” and did a “really great job.”

Like we said: Trump will always find a way to surprise you!