The 10 Most Groundbreaking Oscar Winners

The very first Academy Awards ceremony, popularly referred to as the Oscars after the name of the statuette awarded to honorees, took place in 1929. In the 90 years since, many notable milestones and groundbreaking winners have been awarded. Here is a list of the...

10 Biggest Celebrity Splits Of 2019

2019 was a series of highly emotional ups and downs for many of your favorite actors. And no, we’re not just talking about the ones on Game of Thrones! Many celebrity couples called it quits in 2019. It breaks our hearts, but here is a list of the couples whose relationships died before we could even give them a cute couple nickname!

10 Celebrities Who Left Hollywood To Work In Politics

We fall in love with politicians because of their beloved performances. But some celebs take it to the next level and become political leaders of their biggest fans! Wondering which celebs became awesome politicians? Keep reading to find out!