Weird Ice Cream Flavors That Actually Exist

When you picture that singing ice cream truck driving down your childhood street, you probably imagine the classic flavors adorning that menu. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry… maybe a banana sundae if you were feeling daring. But never would you imagine some foods to be transformed into this beloved and nostalgic dessert. See the most out-there concoctions below.

Goat Cheese and Basil Ice Cream

This ice cream flavor combines delicate herbs with a delicate cheese, and turns it into a frozen treat. Washington, D.C.’s Ice Cream Jubilee and urban farm Top Acres collaborated for this hipster and very grown up ice cream flavor. This flavor is savory but creamy thanks to the goat cheese, and has spicy notes due to fresh basil. Do you prefer these ingredients on a sandwich or salad? Or do they make a delectable marriage? Only the most adventurous taste buds will find out.

Strawberry Kale Ice Cream

We’ve all heard of adding fruits into salad, and the trending green for a few years now has been kale. Some swear by it, and others think it smells like foot juice. The guys over at the inventive OddFellows Ice Cream Co. decided to run a gamble and turned salad into ice cream. They even teamed up with a salad company called Sweetgreen. It’s a refreshing strawberry sorbet base with a basil-kale swirl blended in. It’s even topped with lemon granola, micro basil, and olive oil.

Lobster Ice Cream

This seafood delicacy gone dessert is enough to make some people nauseous, just at the concept. This feeling will increase once you see a photo of this monstrosity. Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium in Bar Harbour features buttered lobster folded into butter ice cream. Why ruin a perfect gourmet classic and turn it into a strange. Safe to say, this is not a cliche or tired “weird” ice cream flavor at all.

Sweet Corn Ice Cream

There’s nothing quite like a juicy, buttered corn on the cob at a summer barbecue. But what most might think of as a delicious side, others have reinvented as a tub of ice cream! To be fair, this isn’t the most offensive vegetable churned into a dessert on this list. At Sweet Republic in Scottsdale Arizona, they’ve come up with something quirky. These folks managed to turn corn on the cob and cornbread into a frozen dessert. It’s surprisingly a big hit.

Swedish Fish Ice Cream

At Ice & Vice in New York City, ice cream flavors are only identified by colors: green, purple red, yellow, and orange are some choices. Orange is a blend of habanero, peach jam and papaya, whilst red is a blend of Swedish Fish fluff, hibiscus, and rose. These tastes will explode in your mouth and melt your mind with their innovation. We’re not sure what inspired these very edgy flavors and aesthetic masterpieces, but we’re grateful enough to book a ticket to New York City.

Strawberry Horseradish Ice Cream

Residing in Queens since 1997 is the unassuming Max and Mina’s, which carries ice cream flavors including strawberry horseradish, lox, pizza, and garlic. They’re always experimenting on the daily and have made more than 5,000 unique ice creams. How many ice cream shops are so unique they’ve been featured on Trivial Pursuit cards? We’re willing to bet only Max and Mina’s.

Pear and Blue Cheese Ice Cream

Some like a fruit and cheese plate, while others prefer a more creative approach to their sweet and savory. At Salt & Straw in Portland, Oregon, this well-balanced flavor uses Bartlett Pears and bits of Rogue Creamery’s Crater Lake Blue Cheese. Artisanal and complex, but there needs to be certain level of boldness in trying blue cheese as an ice cream. Do sugar plus spice equal everything nice, here? We think it might pair nice with some blue cheese garnish and a couple of pear slices.

Cucumber Sorbet

Having a craving for cucumbers? Carmela’s in Los Angeles is the place to go. This shop carries only small-batch products and offers a selection of fruit and vegetable sorbet. Turn your least favorite aisle into an icy treat with cucumber sorbet. You would think it tastes like water due to the flavorless nature of cucumbers, but apparently it’s just lightly savory. If you’re looking for something more intense, they also carry heirloom tomato sorbet.