Ultimate Budget & Finance Apps To Manage Your Money

No one likes thinking about their finances or budgeting, but it’s an inevitable and essential aspect of life, unless you want to find yourself in a pile of debt real fast.

Fortunately, taking care of your financial health is easier than ever with the development of technology. Here are the best budget and finance apps around to help keep you financially sound at the press of a button.


Available on iOS and Android. This app brings all your finance info into an easy and user-friendly format. Scroll through useful features like setting a savings target, a spending budget and more which can be quickly accessed on the front page.

Receipts can be easily scanned and expenses tracked (including with whom and where purchases were made), providing detailed infographics. This will help you understand your regular spending habits better, without you needing complex intuition on it. The simple interface makes thinking about finances much less of a stressful burden.


Available on iOS and Android. This app tracks your bank account and manages your budget, showing you what’s in your accounts, and how much you can afford to spend on any specific day.

Card accounts, investments, loans and banks are connected via a safe, encrypted connection. This lets users check accounts or transactions swiftly, in a secure manner.

PocketGuard will be your left-hand man, organizing bill payment, purchases and subscriptions into past spending habits. This cumulative info is then used to estimate a daily budget.

Home Budget with Sync

Available on iOS and Android for $5.99. While this app isn’t free, it’s an essential app in the world of making personal finances easier.

Charts, itemized purchase lists and infographics have layered integrated features as well, letting bills become expense (when paid), which then automatically adjusts account balance at the same time.

This budgeting app has a valuable Family Sharing feature, letting users set a budget, then sync expenses and incomes to multiple devices. This eases communication and coordination, and is also a great way to start teaching the kids about personal budgeting and expenses.

Clarity Money

Available on iOS and Android. Clarity Money is a free finance app that doesn’t just assist users to manage their budgets, but also in saving money through a variety of creative techniques.

By linking bank and card accounts, Clarity can then analyze and deduce your spending behavior. It uses these stats by identifying chances to save money, including coupons and discounts for bills, as well as identifying subscriptions you may not be using.

It additionally helps you build your budget and lets you create a savings goal: Clarity occasionally withdraws a set amount from your checking account that is then deposited into your savings account.

IOU – Debt Manager

Available on iOS and Android. For a mere $2.99, this app has some niche aspects that will really help you refocus your financial game.

IOU – Debt Manager tracks what you owe to other people and who owes you,. The app contains a contacts feature that contains summaries of what each person owes you and for what. If you and your friends or colleagues are constantly spotting each other, this may be quite useful.

It lets you set up periodic payments along with non-monetary items (like books or clothes) which contains pictures of the item and a set payoff date. All these features have syncing abilities and let you see previous debts settled.