The Most Famous Programmers Of All Time

Technology has boomed over the last couple of decades. From the creation of the smart phone to high-level robots that help save people’s lives in the healthcare field, programmers have helped to create our future. And soon, every industry will be touched by these programmers. Programmers are people who can modify and manipulate computer programs and software. Programming skills are needed more than ever with many school districts implementing computer science curriculum into their school programs.

Here are three of the most famous programmers of all time who have helped influence the programmers of today.

Bill Gates

There is perhaps no programmer more universally famous and well-known as Bill Gates. He is one of the wealthiest people in the world, co-founder of Microsoft, helped to create the Windows operating system that allowed the average person to use a computer, and is an investor and philanthropist.

Bill Gates wasn’t your average company founder as he was extremely hands-on the first few years of Microsoft. In fact, Gates oversaw every bit of code that went out in the first five years of Microsoft’s existence. Under Gates’ leadership, Microsoft redefined the world of home computing and helped pave the way for a technology revolution that reshaped the world over the next two decades.

Ada Lovelace

Even though programmers are mostly men in current times, the first known programmer was actually a woman. Augusta Ada King was a mathematician known for creating the very first computer program. The daughter of famed poet Lord Byron, she worked on Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine which was an early mechanical computer program in the 1840s. She created what would be considered the very first algorithm for this early computer and predicted that computers would one day go far beyond solving simple mathematical problems.

Though Ada failed at her later in life endeavors, such as developing a mathematical solution to win at poker, her earlier work is still recognized as revolutionary —especially for a woman at that period of time. Ada Lovelace’s ideas were unpopular in 19th century England, but she pushed her ideas regardless and the world of technology users are thankful that she did.

Dennis Ritchie

Dennis Ritchie is the founder of the famous programming language, C. C revolutionized the computer science industry and this programming language is now used in multiple software programs and applications and has been a huge influence and foundation for the creation of other programming languages.

Ritchie has been credited with not only pioneering the computer science industry but also in shaping it. In addition to creating the C programming language, Ritchie also co-created the UNIX operating system which is also a common tool in the programmer’s toolbox. Unfortunately, this awarded programmer and computer scientist passed away recently on October 12, 2011.

Programmers all over the world today have many previous programmers and computer scientists to thank for their current profession. These programming pioneers created programs and software and shared revolutionary ideas about what the field of computer science could be. Because of their contributions, we are now able to create amazing technical tools and programs that makes our lives so much easier.