8 Inventions For The Laziest People Ever

Even for the early birds, we all fall into our days where we’re motivationally challenged. And to match that lifestyle, we should have an abundance of items that lets us exert as little effort as possible, right? It’s unsure whether these items are novelty works of art — or godsends for people who really can’t be bothered. Possibly a bit of both. Either way, you’re bound to buy at least one thing on this list.

Baby Mop

Apparently this onesie-mop was a joke at first. But now people are actually attaching these to their children to mop the floor. Well, it is difficult to teach babies a work ethic, so since this fits in with their crawling lifestyle, it’s a win-win situation. It’ll be good for your house cleaning budget, but we’re not sure how dirty your baby will end up after a good round of dusting. The website says they’re soft and comfortable. What will they do for your tot’s immune system?

Banana Slicer

Because slicing a banana is an exhaustive use of energy that could be better used for reaching for a TV remote. At only 5 bucks, you’ll never have to waste time slicing a banana again. On the upside, it is a blade free way for kids to slice bananas. And to make your cereal choices a little healthier and potassium filled. This slicer better be sharp and not result in banana mush cereal. If you’re a mega banana fan, why don’t you already have several of these?

The Driven Executive’s Nap Tie

This surprisingly doesn’t look like a joke tie when it’s not inflated, and this is the ultimate gift for dads. Bringing a neck pillow to work is pretty embarrassing, but converting your tie into one is a step up. As long as the blinds are lowered, feel free to quickly inflate this baby and take a power nap. If only if came with a mini pump – Unfortunately this needs to be manually inflated. Either way, it’s better than carrying around a pillow in your briefcase.

Motorized Ice Cream Cone

What’s the most annoying thing about ice cream? Well, it’s ice cream, so there’s nothing that atrocious. But turning the cone to constantly lick it and avoid sticky dripping is a very real problem. This motorized ice cream cone does all that turning work for you, and also provides a reusable ice cream cone to recreate that childhood feeling. It comes in different colours, and the whole family can try it out. Embark on this future of drip-free technology with us!

Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork

Some of us just can’t perfect a spaghetti twirl, or suffer from carpal tunnel and arthritis disorders which hinders us. Luckily, this twirling fork is about to be a life-changer. It’s dishwasher safe and looks pretty fun to use, but maybe would be more useful for your messy, sauce-covered nephew. It does seem seriously useful for those with joint issues, but your dinner guests might laugh at you. If you thought a fork with an on and off button was excessive, you’ve clearly never tried this gem.

Easy On & Off Sock Aid

For people who have accessibility issues or can’t bend down, this is a very useful invention. For everyone else, this is the ultimate in laziness goals. Now if only they’d make a cheap version of those back to future self lacing shoes. This machine slips your socks onto you, transporting you back to the good ol’ days when our mothers still dressed us. On grumpy mornings, this will make all the difference.

Bed Prism Spectacles Lazy Glasses

These glasses look like something out of Blade Runner. In reality, they’re actually a very useful accessory that allows you to read lying down. If your back hurts sitting up in bed or you’re trying to read yourself to sleep, these prisms are surprisingly good quality.

They fit over glasses and won’t tire out your arms. Every laziness aficionado’s dream come true. No need to prop your upper body or anything else up – access a new level of comfort forever.


Not sure how Indiegogo managed to raise $11,285 for this creation, but somehow the Candwich exists as a real thing in the world. Using U.S. military and NASA tech, your very own sandwich in a can has the ability to stay fresh and tasty for over a year.

While we can’t see using this unless the apocalypse came around, it would inevitably be helpful if stranded hiking, or after one too many drinks.

Convenient, but worth the shame of eating PB&J out of a can? We also have many questions about their meat sandwiches available in can form.