Most Popular Halloween Costumes Of 2018

There are some Halloween costumes which are truly timeless, But usually, they need a topical facelift in order to gain relevancy and more attention. Fortunately, a ton of fantastic films, TV shows and events happened in 2018 and can help inspire you to look your best this October.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

These two have plenty of looks to choose from, but their wedding day was by far the most memorable. The Duchess and Duke of Sussex can recreate this iconic look and give all the other Halloween goers wedding fever. Go for a simply elegant and minimalist white dress like Ms. Markle, finishing he look off with veil and tiara, while the Duke can don a debonaire military jacket.

“Jurassic World:” Owen and Claire

If you prefer to get a little more down and dirty than the royal family, this adventurous couple from Jurassic World might be more your speed. Don’t be afraid to rub some dirt on your faces to portray these characters played by Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard — these two have been through a lot. Claire will of course be in an impractical blouse, skirt, heels and smart blazer, none in pristine condition. Owen will have his hunky, tight brown pants on with a vest and short sleeved button down. Dirt is really the key here.

Black Panther

The options within this costume are limitless. You can rock is as a group, couples, or individual looks which is versatile for both genders. Of course, this year’s most popular choice will probably be the regal Black Panther himself, King T’Challa. Other popular looks from the film include his sister, the gadget-loving princess Shuri, or the fierce warrior general Okoye.

Mr. Rogers

With the release of the acclaimed documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” PBS icon Mr. Rogers is being remembered and celebrated like never before for his accepting and loving place as one of society’s mentors for children, getting through to them on their TV. To recreate Mr. Rogers’ iconic look, first, you’ll need to spray your hair temporarily gray or don a wig. Then, pair it with his endearing red cardigan and solid or patterned tie, with some Keds and khakis. Voila! Everyone’s favorite neighbor and one of America’s biggest sweethearts.

“This Is Us:” Jack and Rebecca Pearson

This wedding day look from the incredibly popular TV show “This Is Us” is definitely less dramatic than Meghan and Harry’s attire for their big day. But for all the low key hippie couples who want to channel Rebecca and the now immortalized Jack, you just need is a tuxedo complete with beige jacket, and a long-sleeved, floor-length cream dress featuring lace details, with a flower crown in lieu of a veil. You could also opt for their less nuptial-oriented matching Steelers looks from game day.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé

It’s quite hard to choose from the bevy of couple’s costume possibilities that J and Bey bring, but they really beat themselves a their own game when it came to the first music video from their “Everything Is Love” album. Now, you can’t exactly rent the Louvre, but you can don those iconic pink and green pastel suits. His and hers gets a 2018 update with these two both rocking power suits. You can also try those sculptural looks, but that daring attempt might be a little too high maintenance.

Killers From “The First Purge”

While The Purge never fails to give us nightmares, this year around, you can dress as an original menace from the first purge ever, thanks to the franchise’s most recent film. Normal street clothes are fine, but the key is a terrifying mask that is maybe even smeared in some paint of the glow in the dark variety. Some of the looks are more serial killer inspired, but you can also try a mask from the 2014 film: a minimalistic white face with rosy cheeks that has “GOD” scribbled on it.

Tonya Harding, “I, Tonya”

Tonya wasn’t exactly America’s sweetheart, but she was ultimately an incredible figure skater who was dealt many a devastating blow. Margot Robbie’s film “I, Tonya” explored that and scored big at the Oscars this year. Our favorite look from the film would have to be that long-sleeved, bedazzled turquoise look from the 1991 US Figure Skating Championships. Good news: many of Tonya’s looks were actually DIY, so that should make yours a little less daunting.

Wonder Woman

The film may have come out last year, but Wonder Woman remains one of the most popular Halloween costumes for women in 2018 due to the character’s enduring status. If you’re dressing up as Diana of Themyscira, you’ll need a star-studded headband/tiara, a black wig or a curling iron. Don’t forget the arm gauntlets and some red lipstick! You can go for an updated Gal Gadot version of the costume with a warrior’s edge, or a more old school Lynda Carter look with a star-spangled skirt.

“The Handmaid’s Tale”

This may not be the most uplifting or sexiest costume of the bunch, but it’s a socially relevant one that almost everyone will recognize. Pay homage to Margaret Atwood with this simple look that only involves a canvas bag, a long, hooded, crimson cape (perfect for hiding snacks beneath) and that long white bonnet, which is equally great for avoiding eye contact. If you’re the resident feminist in your friend group, this is the ultimate time to shine.