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10 Celebs Who Collect Weird Things

Entertainers are pretty much expected to be a little weird. Add in money, and that weirdness can emerge in some of the wildest collections you can imagine. Forget coins and stamps, these celebrity collections are anything but ordinary.

Johnny Depp collects dolls

But he’s narrowed it down to Barbie dolls. He has quite a collection of limited edition dolls and even has admitted to playing with them — with his daughter Lily Rose, that is.

Demi Moore also collects dolls

Not Barbies, but the porcelain antique dolls that tend to star in horror movies. Supposedly she has over 3,000 vintage dolls and even has an entire house to display them in — not a room, a whole house. And she still roams antique stores around the world to add to the collection. Reportedly her collection creeped out her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher, who said in an interview once that he thought the dolls had souls and were watching him.

Nicolas Cage collects comic books

That seems pretty normal, doesn’t it… unless you’re Nic Cage. He is a hardcore comic collector and even at one point owned the “holy grail” of funny books, Action Comics #1, which features the first ever appearance of Superman. I say “at one point” because he sold it for a record $2 million to pay some bills. But that’s okay, he named his son Kal-El (Superman’s Kryptonian name), which is a totally normal thing comic book geeks do.

Shaquille O’Neill collects Superman memorabilia

Some collectors specialize in just one small part of a whole genre, and Shaq is one of them. But whereas Nic Cage collects comics of all sorts, Shaq just likes one character in particular — and it happens to be Superman. While he didn’t change his name to Kal-El or anything, “Superman” is his other nickname, and he does have a Superman logo tattoo. That sounds reasonable until you find out that he drives around in a Superman logo-bedecked SUV and decorated a multimillion dollar mansion in Orlando with many Superman-themed rooms. The mansion went up for sale in 2018 — surprisingly, Nicolas Cage did not buy it.

Tom Hanks hankers for typewriters

Of course the folksy, aw-shucks good guy of American Cinema collects manual, portable typewriters. He has over 300 of them, and actually uses them to write correspondence — he is meticulous about restoring them to working condition. Hanks loves the written word and has said that where computers are ephemeral, writing on a typewriter is like writing in stone. His love of the typewriter led him to create a typewriter simulator app called the Hanx Writer, so that you too can type for a whole line before hearing that satisfying “DING.”

Harry Connick Jr. collects cufflinks

This award-winning musician and spiritual successor to the crooners of the 1940s has a collection of cufflinks, but it’s not that he actively collects them, he just seems to attract them as gifts. He has a case full of them that people have given him over the years, some vintage, some not. The funniest thing is, though, that he does not even wear them. He may be the only current musician who looks like it should be a part of his ensemble, yet he doesn’t wear them.

Elton John has it made in the shade

Ever since he started in the 1970s, this legendary rock star has been most notable for his stylish, or outlandish, or fantastic, eyewear choices. Sunglasses are one of his most famous props, and he has rarely been seen anywhere without a pair. He has amassed a collection of roughly 250,000 pairs. That’s 125,000 per eye.

Kiefer Sutherland jams on guitars

The son of legendary actor Donald Sutherland, Kiefer followed in his father’s footsteps. One of the “Brat Pack” group of the 1980s, he has starred in movies and on the long-running television series “24.” But his biggest obsession is his guitar collection. At one point he owned over 100 vintage and special edition guitars, most of them from the world famous Gibson line of instruments. He has pared his collection down to 30 or so, including the one signature model named for him — the Gibson Kiefer Sutherland KS-336. But he does not keep them locked away in a display case. He built a music studio in his home and started his own record label, to encourage kids to play, and to help up-and-coming artists get studio experience and hone their craft. Now that’s a great use for a collection.

John Travolta collects planes

No, not model planes, real ones. He currently has five planes that he keeps at his own hanger, which is in his own airport, which is by his house. Travolta does fly them himself — he’s a certified private pilot. But he has been known to collect bigger planes. He once owned a Boeing 707 that belonged to Frank Sinatra, but he donated it to a museum.

Rod Stewart collects trains

No, not real ones, this time they’re actually models. But they take up as much space as the real ones. When you’ve been a rock legend as long as he has, you can do what you want, which in his case is devoting the entire third floor of his Hollywood home has been transformed into a miniature diorama of 1940s Chicago. But he also takes them on the road with him. Seriously, the guy plays with trains backstage. But apparently it’s pretty relaxing, so yay for him I guess?