The Most Embarrassing Trump Family Moments Captured on Camera


Donald Trump was one of our most divisive presidents in American history. But one thing even his haters can agree on is that Trump could be very, very entertaining… even when it was completely by accident.

In fact, Trump’s whole family was a seemingly endless source of amusing and embarrassing moments, and some of the best ones were captured on video. If you’re ready for more than a few laughs, keep reading to discover the most embarrassing Trump family moments captured on camera!

Donald Trump stares at the sun during solar eclipse

When it comes to embarrassing Donald Trump moments, his defenders usually say there is more context to what is going on. That all we would need to see is a longer clip or a different angle to make something truly awkward look normal.

But that’s not the case here. This video shows Donald Trump staring at the sun during a solar eclipse without wearing protective glasses. This is a dangerous move that can blind a person, and it’s something we literally teach children to avoid doing back in kindergarten.

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Melania makes a face when Ivanka comes onstage

How does Melania Trump actually feel about Ivanka? In public, they are always very cordial with each other. But some of Melania’s reactions make us wonder how Melania and Ivanka Trump really feel about each other.

For example, this video captures the exact moment that Ivanka joins Donald and Melania Trump on stage at the Republican National Convention in August 2020. Melania smiles warmly at Ivanka when she walks past her. But, look closely: as soon as Ivanka walks by, Melania frowns and makes a face like Ivanka just said something awful to her!

We can only imagine this led to a fairly awkward conversation behind closed doors once the rally was over!